5 Enchanting Facts About the Blue Ridge Mountains

Mountains are some of the world’s most magnificent features, stretching across seas and land and everything in between. Most ranges are the aftermath of what we know as plate tectonics, but they also feature various other unique, fascinating characteristics. Here are five enchanting facts about the Blue Ridge Mountains that everyone should know. The Blue […]

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Winter Guide: Top Things To Do in North Georgia This Winter

Georgia can be an unpredictable state during the winter, but the season is an incredibly enjoyable time to visit. One day might be 70 degrees and beautiful, and the very next day might see an ice storm. Given the surprising elements, packing for various settings and environments is essential, as there’s plenty to do and […]

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Cabin Fun: Best Board Games To Play at the Cabin

A weekend getaway at the cabin typically means you’ll spend a lot of that time in the outdoors, exploring the trails, and enjoying the views. When you find the time to wind down, though, you want to absorb that time with your friends and loved ones to the best of your ability. Having a laugh […]

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3 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas From the Blue Ridge Mountains

The Appalachian Mountains are a far-reaching range—one that we have to consider as a series of smaller ranges. Along the Tennessee-Georgia border and up through the Carolinas, we know the Appalachians best as the Blue Ridge Mountains, a section of the American Southeast that stands out for its combination of natural beauty and manmade creativity. […]

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Winter Hiking: Hiking Safety Tips To Know About

Hiking is a wonder that everyone should try at least once, but cold weather and winter months can really put a damper on any plans. However, winter hiking in Georgia is still an option for anyone, but there are a lot more steps for preparation so you can be safe on the trek. As such, […]

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4 Must-Visit Wineries in the Blue Ridge Mountains

The Blue Ridge Mountains hold the best views in the world and house some of the best outdoor activities you can find. But that’s not all—they’re home to some great wineries that everyone staying in a vacation cabin in Georgia should try out during their visit. If you’re of legal drinking age and want to […]

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Fishing in North Georgia: Top Fishing Spots To Check Out

North Georgia holds a special place in the hearts of many people, as the beautiful views and amazing natural wonders in the area make the area very memorable. There are countless rivers and mountains to explore around the state and plenty of outdoor activities wherever you go. One popular activity is fishing, as the lakes […]

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4 Tips for Choosing a Property Management Company

Property management is rife with complex laws and legislation every owner must follow. These laws even change depending on what state you’re in, which is why many people with property investments use a property management company. These companies help protect your investments and navigate local and national laws—and you only want the best companies for […]

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Winter Adventures: 15 Hiking Trails To Explore This Winter

Many people mistakenly believe that winter means the end of hiking since the weather is simply too cold for it. However, there are plenty of hiking opportunities throughout the year as long as you take the proper precautions and prepare carefully. If you want some ideas for some places and trails you can try, here […]

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5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Cabin Mountain Getaway

Cabin adventures are the perfect blend of comfort and nature for any vacation or getaway trip. A cabin gives you a personal space for your trip while being located in some of the most beautiful places on the planet. You’re never far from some of the best outdoor activities in the world and always have […]

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