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Georgia is one of the most beautiful places to travel in your RV. There are scenic routes, beautiful parks, and plenty of eye-catching foliage. Finding an optimal location to park your RV is essential so that you can feel safe to get out and explore. In addition, you may find it nice to stop somewhere along the way and take a warm shower in a cozy cabin. With that said, here are the five best RV trips to take in the North Georgia area that you don’t want to miss!

Toccoa Valley Campground, Blue Ridge

Situated perfectly in the Blue Ridge Mountains is Toccoa Valley Campground. Your RV should be 30 feet or smaller if you want to consider this option. If it’s not, you can still travel along the scenic route to find Blue Ridge log cabin rentals equipped with all things nature and luxury.

Toccoa Valley offers many water activities, making it a great fit for summer vacations and something different from hiking. You can kayak, tube, or raft along the mountain river near the campground. Make sure to check out the shuttle services available.

Vogel State Park

Just inside Chattahoochee National Forest, at the base of Blood Mountain, is Vogel State Park. This area is particularly popular in the fall, when the foliage transitions into reds, yellows, and deep oranges. RV campers can choose from 90 different campsites, all containing electrical hookups. The park offers trails to hike and explore, from beginner and moderate to veteran levels, so it’s a great place to take the whole family and get out into the great outdoors.

Cedar Creek RV & Outdoor Center, Cave Spring

Cedar Creek is a unique location that offers many activities for outdoor and camping enthusiasts. A family-friendly environment, it sits in the mountain’s foothills, near Cedartown and Rome. The park offers electrical hookups, internet access, and a scenic trip around the driving range. The tranquil scenery and activities available make Cedar Creek an excellent summer destination. And if you enjoy fishing for catfish or bass, the waters are abundant.

Cherokee Campground, Sautee Nacoochee

Cherokee Campground is a popular place for people familiar with the North Georgia area. This campground hits all the marks, combining modern tech with off-grid simplicity. There are 38 RV hookups complete with Wi-Fi and cable television, and the park offers many family-friendly outdoor activities.

You can find delicious German cuisine and a truly one-of-a-kind shopping experience in the nearest village. And if you’re in town on a hot summer day, tube down the Chattahoochee River and relax.

Fort Mountain State Park

One of the best RV trips to take in the North Georgia area is through Fort Mountain State Park. There are over 60 miles of remarkable hiking paths, bike trails, and horseback riding trails. In addition to hookup locations, there are a laundry and washroom facility and a conveniently located playground for the kids.

There’s a lot of Native American heritage near the area, including a few historic sites such as Funk Heritage Center, the New Echota Historic Site, and the Chief Vann House Historic Site. For a fully loaded vacation, Fort Mountain is incredible.

For questions about how to book a cabin reservation while RVing, reach out to Nevaeh Cabin Rentals today!

You spend a lot of energy planning a getaway, regardless of how long you will be there. You pray for decent weather to enjoy the elements around you, but sometimes, rain can roll through and ruin long-anticipated plans. Luckily, the Blue Ridge Mountains offer more than hiking and other outdoor activities, even if it rains.

If you’re getting ready to head this way for vacation and you’re thinking about how to spend a rainy day in North Georgia, we got you covered. Let’s take a closer look!


The museums in northern Georgia are not internationally accredited with world-famous sculptures and art. However, they are critical components in capturing the history and lifestyle of Georgia’s most beloved roots. So, when the rain ruins an afternoon hike, consider it an opportunity to meander an indoor artifact.

Some of these historic sites and offerings play significant roles in American history and offer value to families that travel with grade school-aged children. It’s an excellent way to turn a vacation into a small learning opportunity. Museums and locations to consider include:

Cozy Up in a Cabin

A great way to combat rainy days is to cozy up in a cabin. You should consider booking your getaway in luxury North Georgia vacation rentals. This can ensure you have a nice place to rest and slow down in the event of rain. Each cabin features home-like amenities to provide you with a home away home feeling.

Turn on the fire, get out the board games, and enjoy the safety and stillness of just being. Sometimes the best plans are the ones that ruin your original plans and force you to do nothing. This is also an excellent time to get some quality time in with your significant other or children because life back at home can make it challenging to do this.

Enjoy Some Spirits

There are breweries and vineyards all around with excellent indoor accommodations. If you’re traveling with your family, many places will allow children to come with you. But when traveling alone or with a partner, consider scheduling a tour to make the most of the time.


There are quite a few breweries scattered around to visit, each with its own style and brews.


Don’t mistake a vineyard for outdoor activity. While most grapes and landscapes views require you to be outdoors, much of the enjoyment happens indoors. Many people enjoy the tasting aspects of wineries, but getting a firsthand view of how it comes to be can bring wine full circle and fill time on a rainy day. Here are a few vineyards worth making the trip for:

Explore Family Activities

North Georgia is an excellent place for all travelers, whether there are children or not. Some of these indoor activities are more family-friendly than others, but the goal is to have fun and create memories.

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

The scenic railway is a way to be in the elements but protected from the rain, and it is always worth the money. You will begin the journey in downtown Blue Ridge and travel the river and valleys into Copperhill, TN. There is no limit on when to enjoy this ride, the fall offers breathtaking foliage, and the winter brings all things Christmas.

Fannin Lanes Bowling Center

Fannin Lanes is a classic activity. You can bowl at home, but chances are you don’t often go for many reasons. Fannin features 12 classic wooden lanes with a large jukebox to keep the hits coming. They cater to a wide variety of guests, offer concessions and Wi-Fi, and operate seven days a week, including the holidays.

Indoor Water Park

Because you might plan a white-water rafting event that gets washed out, having a backup water activity can save you from disappointing the kids. Bethesda Water Park is in a suburb of Atlanta known as Lawrenceville. So, you may need to drive a bit to reach the destination, but this is truly the spot for rainy day fun. There is a lazy river, massive waterslides, and a kid-friendly water-safe jungle gym.


When you think about how to spend a rainy day in North Georgia, golf more than likely did not come to mind. The catch is that you can still golf indoors. North Georgia offers a lot in terms of connecting with nature, so it isn’t exactly a golf hotspot. But there are two ways you and your family can enjoy indoor golf, including:

Free Indoor Activities

With most outdoor adventuring not requiring you to travel with a lot of disposable income, having to adjust your plans to all indoor activities can weigh on your finances. Luckily, the area has various free indoor things to fill time while it rains.

Babyland General Hospital

Babyland General is an incredibly unique experience. This is the birthplace of the Cabbage Patch Kid in a historic Greek-Southern home. You may self-guide a tour and absorb the sights on your terms. The property features public restrooms, free parking and admission, and party facilities. Additionally, there are events scatted throughout the year, so if you’re in town during an event weekend, pop by and see what is going on.

Artworks Artisan Center

The artisan center, also known as Mountain Regional Arts and Crafts Guild Store, features unique displays and demonstrations from local craftsmen and artists. Admission and parking are free to visitors, and the center offers art classes ranging from painting to needle felting.

A trip to the mountains for relaxation and time with the mountains is always in season. But if you plan to come in the summer, make sure you leave room for other activities. There are events throughout the year that call on guests for one reason or another, but there isn’t anything quite like these small mountain town gatherings on a warm summer day.

Here are some entertaining summer events to explore in Blue Ridge, Georgia, that your whole family can enjoy!

Arts in the Park Festival in May

Arts in the Park takes place every year on Memorial Day weekend. It’s located in the downtown Blue Ridge area and features art, artist demonstrations, crafts for kids, mountain tunes, and excellent eats. Admission is $5, but child admission is free, making this an affordable and fun option for the whole family. This festival takes place regardless of weather, so ensure you pack all types of gear.

Wine And Jazz Festival in June

The Blue Ridge area is home to some of the most beautiful and abundant vineyards. So when you plan a June getaway without children, you can enjoy some local wines, inspiring art, and smooth jazz. The wine and jazz fest is an excellent opportunity to slow down and enjoy the culture and mountain air that fills the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Lake Blue Ridge Fireworks in July

These mountains don’t just offer hiking and lodging. There is a beautiful lake full of excitement in the summer. Located at Lake Blue Ridge Marina, you can gather the family and some friends to enjoy these splendid fireworks over the water. This event typically happens around the Fourth of July, so consider making this your vacation when you plan an Independence Day getaway.

Smokey Bear’s Birthday in August

The Ocoee Whitewater Center offers a chance to celebrate Smokey Bear’s big day in August. This is an excellent way for children to begin or further their education about all he does to raise awareness about wildfire prevention. The birthday party features storytelling, a puppet show, and face painting.

Additionally, there is an opportunity to meet and greet Smokey the Bear himself. This is a must-do summer event to explore in Blue Ridge, Georgia, especially if your family often camps in wooded, mountainous areas.

Labor Day Barbeque in September

The downtown area offers a great Labor Day BBQ to wrap up the summer on a good note. Many families like to travel this weekend because the kids go back to school if they haven’t already. Consider spending your time at the BBQ to enjoy some excellent foods, entertainment, and a chance to network.

Some families look to relocate to the Blue Ridge area for the entirety of the summer. Consider reaching out to our cabin builders in Georgia to discuss opportunities in properties and land. The best way to attend every event is to get a beautiful summer cabin to call home!

Many vacationers ponder whether a cabin is an energy-efficient option. Typically, climate control is more manual than in conventional homes or motels. Things like wood-burning fireplaces provide heat, and window units offer air conditioning. But at the end of the day, how efficient is this entire process?

Here, we discuss the energy efficiency of log cabins and the various things to consider before renting one.

Log Cabin Materials

The wood someone selects in the building phase is critical to energy efficiency factors. Wood has what is known as an R-value or thermal resistance rating, and each helps determine how the wood impacts the insulation of the cabin.

Two of the most popular woods are spruce and cedar because of their higher-rated insulation properties. The logs must also undergo an air-drying process before construction which helps reduce expansion and contraction. If expansion and contraction take place regularly, the energy efficiency of the cabin is in jeopardy. Preventing leaks and reducing gaps is critical.

Craftsmanship and Energy-Efficiency

The overall craftsmanship of the log cabin plays a significant role in energy efficiency. Custom fitting logs and hand scribing create a warm home in the cold months and a manageable home in the summer. Partnering with log cabin builders in north Georgia can guarantee that craftsmanship follows all critical demands.

Ensuring the wood receives treatment for moisture absorption and that there is a proper roof overhang is also vital. Additionally, accurately installed drains, gutters, windows, and doors can make a big difference.

Comparing Log to Conventional

The results vary when comparing conventional homes to log cabins. But log structures are generally known to retain heat very well. If the wood receives proper handling, the energy efficiency of log cabins is relatively high.

Finding the right builder and team will positively impact a space’s overall construction and efficiency. They must know proper wood handling, maintain high standards, and work well with energy efforts.

Our team at Wolf Creek Builders offers a range of services from new builds, flooring, lighting, and much more while practicing good energy standards. To learn more about an energy-efficient log cabin for rent or own, reach out to us at Nevaeh Cabin Rentals today!

Life gets busy, and you work incredibly hard for your family. That means you also deserve to take a break from time to time and enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, finding something engaging, relaxing, and adventurous doesn’t have to be hard work. So, we created a list of quick day trips to take outside of north Georgia to help you plan the perfect getaway!

Lake Burton

Lake Burton offers the ability to hit the water and melt your troubles away. This small lake sits in an area surrounded by mountains in Georgia’s northeast corner. You can arrive with your own boat for the day, but pontoon rentals are available at various locations nearby.

The waters are crystal blue, so remember to pack your swim gear and take a dip. There is a location in the middle of the lake known as Mr. Water Safety by the locals, which is a popular gathering place.

Lanier Islands

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for everyone, Lanier Islands is the perfect place! You can find golf, hike, zip-line, ride horses, or relax at the beach. It’s a safe place to enjoy the moment and pursue all things vacation. Before you go, ensure you research all available lodging and dining and make any necessary reservations for your party.

Sautee Nacoochee Community Association

One of the best art centers in all of Georgia is Sautee Nacoochee. It sits at the intersection of Nacoochee and Sautee Valleys. This is an excellent stop for those looking to show their children something different, historical, and artistic. In the center of campus grounds is a Folk Pottery Museum, where the story of legendary folk pottery is told.

In addition to pottery history, there are art galleries, African American heritage sites, and another history museum. In the summer, they host a fiber workshop where guests can learn about, work with, and explore the artistic nature of fibers.

Historic Locations

There are several other historical sites to explore. Let’s look at a few! Each spot is a great location for families with learning children and provides something unique to each experience.

Hardman Farm Historic Site

The Hardman Farm home brings a lot of early American history to one unique location. From 1910 to 1920, the land operated as a dairy farm, and many original features remain intact to tell the story to visitors.

Shortly after the dairy farming stopped, the governor at the time resumed residency in the home. Dr. Lamartine Hardman was the governor of Georgia from 1927 to 1931. Much of the house remains in the 19th century to deliver a snapshot of some unique features of life back then.

Dahlonega Gold Museum

Tucked into the northeast pocket of Georgia, you can learn about America’s first gold rush. In the quaint little town of Dahlonega is the Lumpkin County Courthouse, which is the current home of the historic gold museum. The museum tells the story of the first gold rush, includes authentic nuggets of gold, and gives visitors a feel for life in 1836.

Wine Stops

Sometimes, a trip without the kids is necessary. That’s why we included a few adult activities that help you unwind and enjoy the experience. The area used to be best known for corn “likker” (whiskey) and other illegal stills. But now, the soil is home to some of the most decadent vineyards due to its optimal climate.

Here are a few wine stops you can make while in the area.

Yonah Mountain Vineyards

To experience a vineyard’s process and the process of wine, you want to visit Yonah Mountain. A well-rounded, knowledgeable guide and sommelier will take you through the intricacies of wine and elaborate on blends, body, tasting notes, and aroma.

The vineyard features a beautiful outdoor patio to enjoy your wine after a tour and look out at the landscapes. There are also several events hosted here throughout the year.

CeNita Vineyards

Just across the way in Cleveland, you can make another wine stop at CeNita Vineyards. The name is a combination of its originating owners, Cecil and Juanita Crumley. Today, the property is run by the children of Cecil and Juanita.

They also share a piece of Mount Yonah and feature their enchanting farmland landscapes. Also, guests can enjoy some of their well-recognized wines from within the industry.

Outdoor Activities

A vacation or getaway is all about doing as little activity as possible for many. And for others, doing new physical activities and seeking outdoor adventure is the perfect way for them to let loose. Let’s explore a few quick day trips to take outside of north Georgia that include exploration and the great outdoors.

The Ocoee and Nantahala

Something on the more adventurous side of things is a whitewater rafting moment. In 1996, the summer Olympics hosted a whitewater event in the Ocoee and Nantahala Rivers. The waters are known for their challenging rapids and crystalline mountain waters.

Cool River Tubing

Cool River Tubing in Helen offers a lazy but thrilling afternoon. Floating down a river is an easy way to cast your worries and take a few moments to yourself just to breathe. You don’t need to bring anything but a good attitude as they provide you with a tube and handle all drop-offs and pick-ups.

Anna Ruby Falls

Anna Ruby Falls is an excellent location for beginner hikers or those with tiny adventurers. It’s near the Unicoi, north of Helen, and offers easy trails and paths. There are breathtaking falls at the end of the hike that welcome you with open arms and offers a slight reward post-trek. Interestingly, Anna Ruby used to call Hardman Farm her home for a brief stint.

Appalachian Trail

There are beginner hikers and those who take on all terrains regardless of the climb. The Appalachian Trail travels roughly 78 miles throughout Georgia and has various access points for outdoors people. Popular access areas include Hogpen Gap, Unicoi Gap, and Neels Gap, and they offer excellent day hikes and overnight hikes.

Ensure you utilize our accommodating log cabin rentals in Georgia for the best accessibility to these unique spots and more. Connect with Nevaeh Cabin Rentals today to learn more about the reservation process and the area’s highlights!

There are several free things you can do outdoors, as exploring is endless. After planning your vacation and making the trek, finding fun activities that don’t deplete your wallet is nice. But in the event of a rainy day or cold weather, knowing where you can take your family and still encourage engagement can be challenging.

Here are a variety of free and fun indoor activities in North Georgia that your family and wallet will appreciate!

Museum of Aviation

The perfect indoor activity for all ages is the Museum of Aviation. Over 50 acres of exploration make it an excellent stop on a rainy day. The Century for Flight hanger and the Eagle Building provide hours of entertainment for children. There is also a small photo op in the cockpit of a real plane!

Woodbine Opry

Bluegrass music is a standard in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Woodbine Opry offers you the ability to get up close. They offer traditional bluegrass country tunes and showcase various musical instruments. On Fridays and Saturdays, audiences of all ages can gather for a jam with some of the area’s most popular southern artists.

Mildred Huie Plantation Museum

Mildred Nix Huie was an artist, historian, writer, and impressionist. She covered every square inch of the home in her work, and her daughter opened it to the public as a museum. It’s a bit of a drive from North Georgia but offers visitors and travelers an experience to appreciate art history and their surroundings.

Mayfield Dairy Farms

Who doesn’t love ice cream? This is truly one of the more unique free and fun indoor activities to do in North Georgia. The visitor’s center offers guests the ability to learn about the history of ice cream and experience a one-of-a-kind visual of how they process this famed dessert. If you’re lucky, you might get the chance to taste test!

Anne Frank Exhibit

Your children learned of Anne Frank in school as the Holocaust was a predominant component of world history. The Anne Frank Exhibit is a free museum offering hundreds of photos and the 8,000-word story she told. Parking and admission are free.

To learn more about your stay in Nevaeh Cabin Rentals or other fun things to do, reach out to our rental property management in Georgia. We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Blue Ridge Mountains make the perfect getaway for the girls who need to recharge and unplug. There are opportunities to unwind, pamper, be active, or let loose. Here is a guide to a girl’s weekend in the mountains to help you envision the quintessential getaway you so desperately long for. Get ready to pack your bags!


Pending your arrival day, don’t waste any time away with your best gals. On Friday afternoon, head into the mountains for a good hike. The best locations to consider are Fall Branch Falls or Long Creek Falls. Here, you can chat, take some fresh air, and soak in the atmosphere.

Sometimes, we are looking to just unwind at the beginning of the trip, so if that’s you, you can cozy up near a fireplace or relax on the porch of your cabin. Ensure you secure something to accommodate this desire with the best mountain cabin rentals in Blue Ridge, Georgia.


If you opted for a slow and easy Friday, get ready for a more adventurous Saturday. You can’t visit the mountains and not enjoy the elements offered. Of course, there would be hiking if you didn’t do that Friday, kayaking, canoeing, and whitewater rafting. These are all excellent opportunities to bond with your girlfriends and catch up.

Saturday also makes the best evening to find the perfect sit-down meal. The choice is yours if you want to find something on the fancy or casual side. Blue Ridge ideally encourages you to explore your adventurous and feminine sides, so consider these things when you begin packing.


Sunday can be tricky due to the possibility of departure. But if you booked an extended stay, feel free to make this a part two of the Saturday adventures. You can visit more of the Appalachian Trail or take a ride to the downtown area for brunch and boutique shopping. There are specialty shops, fine art galleries, antiques, and beautiful handmade pieces to check out.

Hopefully, this guide to a girl’s weekend in the mountains helps inspire you not only to book a well-deserved getaway but also to enjoy every minute of it. Contact Nevaeh Cabin Rentals today with questions about how to reserve the perfect cabin for your crew.

There is no right or wrong way to arrive at a cabin, but hopefully, this mini checklist can keep you from getting overwhelmed while you’re supposed to be relaxing. For questions or concerns regarding your specific cabin rental, reach out to Nevaeh Cabin Rentals today!

It’s easy to think of how to depart the cabin, and typically, however you find it is how you leave it. But many feel overwhelmed when they think of what to do when they arrive. The car needs unpacking, the kids are sick of being in the car, and, more than likely, there’s a mad dash to the bathroom. While all of these are fair, we’ve compiled a list of things to do right when you get to your cabin. This will help eliminate some of that stress and get your vacation started on the right foot.

It’s essential to note that every cabin’s setup is semi-different. Some cabins offer a few of the following, and others might have all. Start with what’s most accessible and work your way through. This isn’t a chore list by any means, but it may assist in settling in without feeling anxious about where to begin. As your trunk full of belongings stares you down, consider the following measures when you’re unpacking.

Check the Refrigerator

If the cabin sees visitors regularly, chances are the fridge is already on. But it’s a good thing to check right away, as you will store various items in it. Sometimes, they are shut off in-between visits to save on electricity.

Ensure the fridge plug is in a safe outlet tucked away from children, and give it some time to cool down. It can take up to 24 hours to begin an automatic on/off cycle, but you may still place your cold items in there as it begins to cool off.

Turn On Heating or Cooling

More than likely, the dad in the group is already thinking about the room’s temperature. Regardless of the season, set the thermostat to match a comfortable indoor temp and leave it be. This can also take a few hours to work adequately before you feel the effects.

If it’s warm outdoors, you can consider opening a window for airflow while you’re bringing things in. And for winter months, turn the heat on and check for a fireplace or stove. In the meantime, leave your jackets on until it’s ready. It’s important not to start the fire immediately, as this can cause a potential hazard as you’re shuffling in and out while unpacking the car.

Check Pest Traps

Something to consider before you unpack too much is the pest traps. These are in place as cabins are old and in the wilderness. You want to examine these before the kids run in and potentially find out. You don’t want them playing with a trapped mouse or bugs, as this can be dangerous to their well-being.

Should you find anything in the traps, be sure to dispose of them promptly and inform the office you found some and disposed of them. This can help them place new ones when you depart. It’s also not uncommon to find droppings near traps or behind large furniture. Sweep them up so that nobody gets hold of them.

Bring In Your Belongings

These initial steps should move relatively quickly and not take up much of your time. You could assign one adult to the initial cabin prep and another to bring your belongings indoors to save time. Once your things are inside, consider placing them where they make the most sense. Things like food in the kitchen area, personal items on the beds that correspond to the guest, and any extra activities in the common spaces can help keep organized.

It’s not critical to unpack every bag right away. Simply placing them where they will go and grazing through the cabin as things begin to reach desired temperatures is sufficient.

If Applicable, Start a Fire

This specific item will only apply in colder months and a safe fire location. Many vacation cabins in Georgia will offer a cozy place to have a fire, whether in the evenings outside or in the cabin itself. After you turn on the heat and finish bringing things indoors, starting a fire is a great way to sit and unwind as you anticipate the next move.

Remember to open the chimney damper or the back door on the wood-burning stove. This can ensure safety. Of course, there is no need for fire in the warm months, so this is a step you can skip altogether.

Unpack Your Supplies

One of the best things to do right when you get to your cabin is to put away all the food and beverage items you brought with you. Stowing any kitchen utensils you brought can keep them out of the way as if you were at home. Also, consider putting away any room temperature foods so that the counters and tabletops are free of clutter. While on vacation, the last thing you need is clutter staring you down.

Cold Foods

In addition to stowing your dry goods, utensils, and supplies, set all cold food and drinks in the fridge. The fridge will continue to cool down as time goes on, so it’s never a bad idea to go ahead and place these things in there.

Things like breakfast essentials, juice, and milk should all remain cold. And if you brought any frozen items like ice packs for coolers, you can place these in the freezer until you need them again. It’s also a good idea to have these if anyone suffers an injury from an activity.

Settle In

Once everything is in the cabin and the temperature is starting to control, it’s an excellent time to settle in and begin to get comfortable. Many are okay living out of their suitcases for the time being, but some prefer putting things away in closets and drawers. Feel free to do what is most comfortable for you.

Sometimes, thoroughly unpacking your belongings can save you time and stress if you’re in a hurry in between plans. Another thing to consider is that by unpacking and getting settled early in the trip, you’re not holding up the group later when it’s time to leave for an activity.

The anticipation leading up to a trip you so carefully planned builds as the final hours close. But unexpected things happen when you least expect them, especially before or during a much-needed getaway. Travel insurance is one of the best ways to combat any surprises you may encounter. Often this is a debate in the trip planning phase, the back and forth on whether you need it.

Here are a few reasons travel insurance is a must when renting a cabin, and hopefully, this helps you understand why it’s valuable!

If You Need To Cancel Your Trip

Always refer to the cabin rental agreement form to verify the cancelation policy upon signing the contract. But purchasing travel insurance will protect you if an unforeseen circumstance arises. Understandably, life keeps going even if you plan a getaway and things come up. The protection of insurance can provide coverage for any non-refundable expenses.

Illness or Injury Before or During the Trip

An illness of a guest or a death in the family would require you to cancel on short notice, in which case your deposit is subject to forfeit. Travel insurance can protect you against losing your money to a situation out of your control and grant you the opportunity to make other arrangements or receive a refund.

It’s also possible a guest falls ill while on your vacation and needs to leave early. In that case, speak with property management about your options for the remainder of the trip, as insurance may provide coverage for the leftover time.

Natural Disasters and Adverse Weather

Our cabins in North Georgia don’t often experience disastrous weather conditions, but weather is also unpredictable. One of the top reasons travel insurance is a must when renting a cabin is to protect your items up to a certain amount should something occur near your cabin that’s out of anyone’s control. It’s essential you refer to your insurance coverage policy to understand the terms and conditions thoroughly.

Lost or Stolen Items in the Cabin

A significant asset to insurance is protection against lost or stolen items. Even if no natural disaster occurs, things can happen while on vacation. For example, losing a camera or phone can create an added layer of chaos while you’re away from home, so investing in asset protection can make things easier. Most coverage policies protect up to a specified amount, but it also might be best to leave any high-value items at home.

For questions about our rental agreements, policies, and access to travel insurance through Nevaeh Cabin Rentals, reach out to us today!

A vacation in Georgia offers many activities and a lot of downtime, but there is always one thing on everyone’s mind before they arrive—snow! You’ll see a fresh blanket of the sparkly white stuff during winter. And depending on where you go, the depth and scenery can vary.

Here’s a quick guide on everything you need to know about snow in Georgia!

Does It Snow in Georgia?

The short answer is yes, it does snow. But it isn’t quite that simple. Georgia can produce rather mild temperatures, but it’s essential to remember that the freezing point begins at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Your location can impact the precipitation you experience, and more than likely, you’ll see something resembling a frozen, slushy rain more often than a flakey snowfall.

The good news is that you don’t have to stress about a blizzard ruining your plans, so when you’re considering North Georgia vacation rentals, you’ll be safe to book and enjoy a getaway. With that in mind, always be prepared for a slight snowfall, so pack appropriately.

When Does It Snow in Georgia?

Once you understand your chances of running into the snow, you can time your vacation depending on whether you’d like to encounter it or not. The best chances of seeing snow in Georgia are in December and January. Though it’s possible to catch a glimpse of it between February and April, it isn’t likely.

Because the temperatures hover above the freezing point, your chances of unrestrained shivering are slim. It’s important to note that as the altitudes shift in the mountain areas, the temperatures also adjust, which will play a role in how much or how little snow you see.

Where Does It Snow in Georgia?

Of course, everything you need to know about snow in Georgia includes where you are likely to find snowfall. At higher-altitude points in the Blue Ridge Mountains, you’ll have an excellent chance of experiencing flaky precipitation. Also, the state’s capital in Atlanta receives an average of 2.9 inches annually.

Other places you can visit with possible sightings include Athens, Blairsville, and Dalton. Predicting exact snowfall throughout the state can be tricky; that’s why you should also consider the time of year if you’re looking forward to it.

Reach out to Nevaeh Cabin Rentals for details about your stay and the expected weather; we are happy to assist you in planning the perfect Georgia getaway!