Blue Ridge, Georgia, is famous for its incredible mountains and hiking areas, but that’s not all it has to offer for those who like the outdoors. Blue Ridge hosts a plethora of rivers and areas that are great for whitewater rafting. Each with its own challenges and difficulty, you can easily find the best place for you. To help you narrow down where you want to go, here’s a list of the eight whitewater rafting places to visit for a Blue Ridge adventure, along with information about several companies that help run the areas.

Chattooga River

To start off, the Chattooga River’s a great place for whitewater rafting for people of any skill. This river starts in North Carolina but free-flows a whopping 57 miles all the way to northern Georgia. It features many great places and companies for whitewater rafting that are all worth exploring.

French Broad River

Although the French Broad River’s a decent trip away at over 2 hours away from Blue Ridge, it’s well worth the trip. The 200+ miles that you can travel along the river makes it an extremely popular destination for anyone who likes outdoor adventure.

Nantahala River

At a bit over an hour away, the Nantahala River’s quite a bit closer and sits right in the middle of the Nantahala National Forest. This makes it a great place to visit for more than just whitewater rafting. It’s very easy to get to the area with the highway crossing next to the forest.

Nolichucky River

This river is definitely a trek to reach from Blue Ridge, taking over three hours to get there by car. However, the river has over 25 places of various classes to give you the whitewater rafting experience you are seeking.

Ocoee River

The Ocoee River connects with the Toccoa River, making it extremely close to Blue Ridge proper. The river hosts numerous class III and class IV rapids, making it one of the most popular places to raft. Due to the closeness to Blue Ridge, you might be able to find or hire some cabin builders in Georgia to get you closer to the river.

Pigeon River

This river flows into the French Broad River, making it a decent trip, but the amazing rafting in the Smoky Mountains makes it well worth any travel to get there. From intense class IV rapids to more gentle areas, you’ll find something for yourself and anyone who accompanies you on this river.

Chattahoochee River

As an interesting fact, this river doubles as the border between Georgia and Alabama. The river is one of the most intense rafting experiences in Georgia, with plenty to do in the area once you finish your rafting and want to explore more.

Toccoa River

This river is special to the Blue Ridge area, as it flows in the area, making it an extremely convenient location for anyone visiting the town and the area around it. With several rafting companies taking care of the area, you’ll have your pick of adventure if you choose to raft in the Toccoa River.

Whitewater Rafting Companies

Even if you go to one of these rivers, you can’t just jump in the water. Before enjoying the river, you need to properly prepare for the rapids. That’s why there are so many rafting companies in the area that help set up your trip down the rapids. Here are some of the rafting companies and what areas they work with, so you know who to approach for your trip.

Nantahala Outdoor Center

The Nantahala outdoor center’s the biggest outdoor recreation company in the United States, making it a great company for any potential plans you have. They have guided whitewater rafting tours of several rivers in the area, including the Chattooga River, the Ocoee River, the Pigeon River, the French Broad River, and the Chattahoochee River.

Ocoee Adventure Center

If you’re looking for a great adventure on the Ocoee River, the Ocoee Adventure Center is the place for you. The center specializes in the area and hosts most of its events on the Ocoee River. Once done with your rafting, the center offers other great adventures throughout the area, giving you plenty of variety in your trip.

Raft One Whitewater and Zipline Tours

As another company that focuses mostly on the Ocoee River, the Raft One Whitewater and Zipline Tours is all about exploring the intense class IV rapid of the Ocoee River. The company also offers guides to the less intense areas of the Ocoee River, so everyone can enjoy their time on the river despite their previous experience. Plus, you get access to zipline tours of the Blue Ridge Mountains that the company offers as well.

Rolling Thunder River Company

If you are looking for a place that specializes in the Nantahala River, the Ocoee River, and the Toccoa River, then the Rolling Thunder River Company’s the place for you. The company focuses on being as inclusive as possible, hosting activities for people of any skill level to allow anyone to enjoy the rivers. They even offer tubing and other water activities if you want to switch things up.

The Southeastern Expeditions

The Southeastern Expeditions is one of the oldest whitewater rafting companies in the area, meaning that it’s a trustworthy company that’s worth your time. With a lot of experience under their belt, you know they’ll offer a good time for your trip. The company offers overnight camping as well, in case you want to take a rest after your eventful days.

Toccoa Valley Campground

The Toccoa Valley Campground is the best place to go if you want to raft in the Toccoa River. The area covers 6 miles of river, for rafting plus a variety of other water activities. You’ll find tubing and kayaking all along the area, and you can even turn right back for a great camping experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Our list of the eight whitewater rafting places to visit for a Blue Ridge adventure includes the most popular places around the Blue Ridge area. These rivers are the best places to visit if you’re looking for grand rafting adventures, and the trusted companies we listed companies should outfit you for the trip.


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