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Cabin Rental Policies

Nevaeh Cabin Rentals is a leading property management team in North Georgia with user-friendly and property-owner-protected cabin rental policies. Our specifically curated cabin rental agreement forms suit the direct needs of all owners and renters, ensuring safety, comfort, and protection. For general questions regarding our cabin rental policies, please reach out to our team directly. We look forward to hosting your crew in one of our luxury cabins!





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By signing Nevaeh cabin rental agreement, I verify that I am 25 yrs of age or older

Thank you for choosing Nevaeh Cabin Rentals for your Mountain Experience. Please review this Security Agreement which covers our cabin rental policies. In the event of a change of cabin, date, or guest count, the terms of this security agreement still apply to the changed booking. NO SMOKING OR NO PETS allowed in the cabins. NO CANDLES allowed in the cabins. NO RENTALS made to persons UNDER AGE 25, and a copy of an ID which verifies this may be required with this Security Agreement.


1. AGENCY DISCLOSURE: NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS will serve as the representative of all owners of our properties in the rental program and will always act in the best interests of our property owners. ***NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS RESERVES THE RIGHT FOR RANDOM INSPECTIONS TO INSURE ALL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES ARE FOLLOWED AND THAT GUEST COUNT IS ACCURATE. ***

2. CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT TIMES: Check-in time begins at 3:00 p.m. Check-out time is 10:00 a.m. The keys to the rental property will be available to the Guest at the office of NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS. Please note: No arrivals are allowed on the following holidays without prior arrangement: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and July 4thCheck-out time is strictly enforced so that there is adequate time to prepare the Rental Property for the next guest. Please leave your cabin key(s) on the kitchen bar when you leave, unless the cabin has only a dead-bolt lock, in which case, the key must be returned to the rental office. Any Guest that does not vacate the Rental Property at 10:00 a.m. will be charged a fee equal to one (1) day’s rental fee for the Rental Property, unless prior arrangements have been made.

3. RESERVATION AND PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS: A reservation (booking) deposit is required at the time a Guest’s reservation is made. The final balance on your reservation will be charged 7 days before your scheduled check-in date. Any other payment arrangements must be made in advance through our office. A two-night minimum stay is required for all rental properties, except for the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and the entire month of October which require a three-night minimum stay; and Thanksgiving and Christmas which require a four-night minimum stay.

4. SECURITY DEPOSIT; DAMAGE PROTECTION: Guest will be financially responsible for any damage to the Rental Property and its contents beyond normal usage. A security deposit in the amount of Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250.00) is due on or before arrival date, unless you choose to purchase the damage insurance that is offered on our website (paragraph a). If any damages or violations of Security Agreement issues are found the entire security deposit will be charged until all issues are fully resolved, at which time any appropriate refund will be made. Any security deposit that has been paid will be returned within two (2) weeks following the check-out, provided the following Security Deposit Return Requirements are met: (a) the Rental Property is vacated by 10:00 a.m. on the check-out day, and all keys to the Rental Property are returned as instructed by the Rental Office; (b) there is no breakage or damage to the Rental Property and/or contents; (c) there are no extensive cleaning costs (other than those normally incurred in connection with the occupancy of the Rental Property); and (d) there are no violations of this Agreement that would result in a loss or surrender of the security deposit to NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS.

  1. As a part of your stay, you may purchase a Vacation Rental Damage Protection plan designed to cover unintentional damages to the rental unit interior that occur during your stay provided they are disclosed to management prior to check-out. If purchased, the policy will pay a maximum benefit of $3,000. Any damages that exceed $3,000 or are not covered under the plan will be charged to the credit card on file. If, during your stay at one of our rental properties, an insured person causes any damage to real or personal property of the unit as a result of inadvertent acts or omissions, the Insurer will reimburse the Insured for the cost of repair or replacement of such property up to a maximum benefit of $3,000. Certain terms and conditions apply. Full details of the Vacation Rental Damage coverage are contained in the Description of Coverage or Insurance Policy, The Vacation Rental Damage can be purchased up to, and including at, check-in. By submitting payment for this plan, you authorize and request CSA Travel Protection and Insurance Services to pay directly Nevaeh Cabin Rentals any amount payable under the terms and conditions of the Vacation Rental Damage. Please contact Nevaeh Cabin Rentals directly if you do not wish to participate in this assignment.

A walk-through inspection of the Rental Property shall be conducted by NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS following Guest’s vacation of the Rental Property. If damage to the Rental Property or its contents is found during this walk-through or if any additional or extensive cleaning is needed, the Guest will be notified of the damage and/or that an additional or extensive cleaning is required. If the costs incurred by NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS in repairing the damage (or for the additional or extensive cleaning) are less than $250.00, a refund of the difference will be made once all issues are fully resolved. If the cost of repairing or cleaning Property is more than the $250.00 security deposit, Guest shall be fully responsible for such costs and shall receive written notice, together with an invoice from NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS. Guest hereby agrees that in such event, Guest shall promptly submit payment of said invoice to NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS.

5. CANCELLATION: Cancellations received more than thirty (30) days prior to the check-in day will be charged a $45.00 administration fee. Cancellations received less than thirty (30) days prior to the check-in day will result in the forfeiture of the entire reservation deposit ($300.00). Guest shall be responsible for the entire rental amount if the cancellation is received within seven (7) days prior to the check-in day or if Guest is a “no show”. Cancellation shall not be considered valid until verification of cancellation has been issued to the guest from the rental office. Any refunds due the guest shall be made at that time.

Vacation Rental Insurance has been made available with your reservation. Vacation Rental Insurance provides coverage for prepaid, nonrefundable expenses due to certain unforeseeable circumstances that may jeopardize your vacation investment and force you to incur unplanned expenses. We strongly recommend you purchase this valuable protection. Separate terms and conditions apply, read your Description of Coverage/Policy carefully and contact CSA at (866) 999-4018 with coverage questions.

6. RESERVATION CHANGE FEE: If there is a need to change the dates of the reservation or a need to change the Rental Property originally reserved, Guest may reschedule the reservation (assuming there is a rental property available at the time Guest requests) with no penalty, provided the change is requested at least thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled check-in day. If there is more than one change of the reservation, a $30.00 administration fee may be assessed for each additional change.

7. CONFIRMATION: After the reservation has been made, NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS will email, mail, or fax a copy of the confirmation to Guest. Guest should read the confirmation very carefully upon receipt for accuracy of the dates and guest information. If there are any errors in Guest’s name, address, or dates, contact the Rental Office immediately.

8. GUEST OCCUPANCY AND VISITORS: Guest should also be sure this security agreement accurately reflects the number of guests on your booking, since the rental rates shown on the website are based on a party of four (4) persons and there is an additional fee of $10.00 per night (plus tax and applicable cleaning fee) for each additional person. Guest may be asked to furnish a list of names of all guests who will be staying for this reservation. Nevaeh Cabin Rentals must be notified of additional guests on or before check in. If during a random inspection or maintenance call it is found that the number of guests exceeds the number of guests on your booking, the charge for each additional guest per night at that time shall be $25.00 (plus tax and applicable cleaning fee). Nevaeh Cabin Rentals must be notified in advance if there will be additional guests who visit but do not stay overnight, and there will be an additional cleaning charge for such guests. At no time should your guest count (including even day guests) exceed the maximum cabin occupancy as this is a structural and fire safety issue. In the event of such excess guests, an additional charge of $200.00 shall be assessed, and NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS reserves the right to terminate this agreement and require all guests to vacate the premises. Said discharge shall not result in the refund of any rental fees.

9. REFUNDS or RATE ADJUSTMENTS: There shall be no refunds or rate adjustments made for the following: delayed arrival or early departure ; reducing the number of nights unless NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS has received at least seven (7) days’ notice of such reduction; any inconvenience due to but not limited to acts of nature (including ALL weather related issues), construction, construction noise, road repair, maintenance and/or other like circumstancesNo refunds or reschedules shall be given due to inclement weather. No refunds or adjustments can be made for issues brought to our attention once there is no longer time to address your concerns or after you have left the cabin. If you have any issues with the cabin upon arrival, or that arise during your stay, contact our office at that time so we can address your concerns.

10. KEYS: Guest shall be issued one set of key(s). Additional sets of keys are available upon request. Keys may be left on the kitchen counter of the cabin at the time of check-out (unless the cabin has only a dead-bolt lock) and will be picked up by our cleaning team. If the cabin has only a dead-bolt lock, keys must be returned to the rental office. If the office is closed, keys may be left in the drop box at the office. Also, all doors and windows must be locked, and all keys returned, as failure to do so will result in a loss of your security deposit.

11. TELEVISION: All rental properties are privately-owned and are equipped with different cable or satellite packages. NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS cannot guarantee what programs or events will be available. No pay-per-view services are provided.

12. TELEPHONE / INTERNET: All rental properties are equipped with telephones and have free local telephone service, but no long-distance service. A calling card would be needed for outgoing long-distance calls. Internet access is provided as a convenience to our guests. Any use of the internet connection to illegally use, copy, and or distribute copyrighted material is strictly prohibited. Internet providers can track copyright infringement usage to the IP address and the exact date, time, and name of materials involved, and the holder of the copyright may choose to take legal action against you.

13. FIREPLACES: The indoor fireplaces are seasonal and operational from October 1st through April 15th; however, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits may be used during other times of the year. Firewood is not provided for wood-burning fireplaces or fire pits, but information for obtaining firewood is available through the rental office. No other item including but not limited to; charcoal, lava rocks, accelerants, etc. can be burned in wood-burning fireplaces. Wood-burning fireplaces do not have accessibility to gas starters; therefore, if you are not proficient in starting a fire without one, we suggest “Duraflame” or “fire starter” type logs. Guests are responsible for their own starter logs and matches. Absolutely no liquid accelerants are allowed! Guests are also responsible for cleaning wood-burning fireplaces after use and disposing of ashes in metal containers that are provided. Guest agrees that under no circumstances will any member of the party rearrange the logs, de-install the logs, or burn anything other than the propane provided in any gas fireplace. To do so may cause damage to the logs and/or allow carbon monoxide to leak into the cabin. These are safety issues, and any evidence of tampering or misuse of gas logs or the use of accelerants will result in loss of your security deposit. Do not attempt to roast marshmallows, hot dogs, or any other food item over the gas logs.

14. GRILLS: All grills, except the one at Dogwood Retreat, use propane gas for cooking; either hooked directly to the main gas line or gas bottles (provided by owners). Guest agrees to never attempt to use charcoal in the gas grills or bring their own charcoal grill. Gas tank or gas line shall be turned off after using the grill.

15. SMOKING: There is a NO SMOKING policy for all our rental properties. Smoking is only allowed outside on the decks or porches of the rental properties. There shall not be any cigarette or cigar butts disposed of on the grounds of the Rental Property or any surrounding area thereof. Any disregard of this policy will result in the total loss of the security deposit.

16. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: No alcohol consumption is allowed on the premises by persons under the legal age of twenty-one (21). Should Guest or any member of Guest’s party be arrested for underage alcohol consumption, this rental agreement will be terminated, and Guest will vacate the Rental Property immediately. ILLEGAL DRUG USE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. No refunds will be issued to Guest if Guest is required to vacate the Rental Property prior to Guest’s check-out date due to underage alcohol consumption or illegal drug use.

17. FIREARMS / FIREWORKS / GENERAL BEHAVIOR: Guests shall not disturb or offend any neighbors, discharge firearms, or create loud or obnoxious noises, in accordance with State of Georgia and Fannin County laws. Although it is legal to buy, sell and possess fireworks in Georgia, some private communities, including HOAs, condos or apartment complexes, may prohibit fireworks. Setting off fireworks is prohibited on all our rental properties. NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS reserves the right to terminate this agreement and require unruly guests to vacate the premises immediately. Said discharge shall not result in the refund of any rental fees.

18. PETS: SORRY, NO PETS ALLOWED; NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! Pets found on property will result in immediate requirement of all tenants to vacate property and total loss of booking charges and security deposit.

19. HOT TUB CLEANING: The hot tubs have been cleaned prior to Guest’s arrival. If an additional cleaning of the hot tub is necessary during Guest’s stay, arrangements may be made by contacting the Rental Office. A fee of $35.00 will be charged for each additional hot tub cleaning.

20. CARE OF PROPERTY OWNERS ITEMS: No item belonging to the cabin owner shall be taken away from the property. No hair dye or self tanning products are to be used while in the cabin. These products are known to stain bed and bath linens. Stained or missing linens will be replaced, and the cost of replacement will be billed to the Guest.

21. OWNERS’ CLOSETS: Each cabin has a locked cabinet or closet. This is a storage area for owners to store items for their personal use, and nothing of value is kept here. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPEN LOCKED CLOSETS during your stay; your deposit will be forfeited if either the lock or the door is broken or tampered with. If you feel you need something that is not readily available, please call the office.

22. CHECK-OUT CLEANING REQUIREMENTS: Guest, when leaving, should leave the Rental Property in the same general condition as it was in upon Guest’s arrival. Do not move furniture or other items, but if you must move an object or piece of furniture, it must be returned to its designated spot. You will be responsible for any damages made or extra labor required to move furniture back. Dirty dishes should be scraped before placing in the dishwasher (since dishwashers do not accommodate food scraps) and dishwasher started prior to check-out. Pots and pans should be washed by hand to prevent damage to them and ensure they are clean. Use only dishwasher detergent in the dishwasher as dishwashing liquid can create problems that could result in the loss of part or all your security deposit. The stove/oven shall be left in a clean condition. Refrigerator should be left clean and free of any food. Remove only the used sheets and pillowcases from the beds and place in the laundry area, as well as all soiled towels, washcloths, and kitchen linens (including all pot holders) that were used during your stay. DO NOT REMOVE ANY COMFORTERS, PILLOW SHAMS, OR MATTRESS PADS FROM THE BEDS (most of these must be dry cleaned and may be damaged if left with wet items) AS THIS WILL RESULT IN THE LOSS OF YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT. Our cleaning team will dust, vacuum, sanitize, and clean all linens upon your departure. Turn off all lights, ceiling fans, TV’s etc. Windows and doors shall be left closed and locked with the air conditioner left on 80 degrees in the warmer months/ summer or the heat on 55 degrees in the cooler months/ winter. All trash must be placed in bags and put outside in garbage cans. If there is excessive trash from drink cartons, bottles, cans, etc. you may wish to take these items to one of the local disposal centers (directions available at the office), otherwise there will be a charge of $30.00 for extra trash pick-up. If you or your guests are sick during your stay, it is your responsibility to clean up after yourselves as this is outside the scope of routine housekeeping. There will be extra cleaning charges if our housekeepers have to clean up after you. Outdoor gas fireplaces must be turned off. No trash such as glass bottles or cans left in any fire pit.

23. REPAIRS/ SERVICE CALLS: NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS does not guarantee against mechanical failure that may occur in the heating, air conditioning, hot tub, television, satellite receivers, cable box, DVD player, or other appliances. Any inoperative equipment shall be reported to the Rental Office immediately. NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS shall make every effort to have the repairs done quickly and efficiently, or shall move Guest to a different rental property, if possible. Should a repairman make a service call and find that the equipment is in working order and the problem is due the guest’s oversight or neglect, the service charge will be the responsibility of the guest.

24. ACCIDENTS: Guest agrees to hold NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS and the owner of Rental Property harmless for any accident or injury that may occur on the Rental property during Guest’s occupancy. For any properties that are on the water, a Guest enters the water at their own risk. NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS is not responsible for reactions to the chemicals used to disinfect the hot tubs. All the cabins are located in the mountains of North Georgia and therefore, you are likely to encounter wildlife (deer, bears, raccoons, snakes and bugs of various types, including wasps and/or hornets, etc…). Neither the Agent nor the property owner will accept responsibility for any injury caused by said wildlife.

25. PERSONAL ITEMS: NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS is not responsible for Guest’s personal belongings that are lost, stolen, left behind, or affected by the chemicals used in the hot tub. Items found by our cleaners will be returned for cost of postage plus $10.00 for handling/administrative costs, if Guest so chooses. It shall be the responsibility of Guest to contact the office for return of such items.

26. RETURNED CHECKS: There will be a $35.00 service charge for all returned checks.

27. DISPUTES: This agreement made between NEVAEH CABIN RENTALS and Guest shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia and will be treated as though it were executed in the County of Fannin, State of Georgia. Any action not replied by shall be instituted only in the Fannin County Superior Court, Georgia. Guest specifically consents to such jurisdiction and to extraterritorial service of process.

Guest hereby guarantees that he/she agrees to pay any and all fees, costs, and expenses that he/she is or may become responsible for as set forth herein. Guest accepts all terms of the Nevaeh cabin rental agreement and accepts responsibility for any damage beyond normal wear and tear during his/her stay.


Most of our cabin owners have provided Hot Tubs for you to enjoy while relaxing in their cabins. However, there are pleasures and hazards to most things in life and hot tubs are no exception, so please read carefully the following information concerning hot tub usage and precautions.


All Hot Tubs are drained, sanitized and refilled with fresh water and chemicals after each stay. If you feel the hot tub needs attention, please contact our office immediately so that we may address your concerns. Do not try to drain or put any chemicals in the hot tub yourself. Also, please be aware that Nevaeh Cabin Rentals does not assume responsibility for the effects hot tub chemicals may have on any clothing that comes in contact with the water from the hot tub.

DO NOT use at water temperatures greater than 104 o F. or stay in the hot tub for longer than 15 minutes. You should leave the hot tub and cool down before returning for another visit. Long exposures may result in dizziness, nausea, or fainting. Being immersed for a long time prevents the body from sweating to remove excess heat which could result in heat stroke from prolonged hot tub soaks. Long exposures may also result in rash due to reactions to the chemicals used in the hot tubs. Always shower with soap and water before and after using a hot tub. Showering before will prevent lotions and skin oils from clogging the filter and will prevent bacteria from entering the pool; and showering after will help remove any chemicals or bacteria that linger on your skin, helping to prevent rashes and infection. Persons with open sores or any type of infection should not use the spa. Overloading a hot tub (too long of use, too many people, etc) will cause the chemical balance in the tub to decrease (becoming less effective). Do not remove any floating chemical dispenser from the tub. The hot water is an ideal environment for spreading infection when hot tubs are not used properly.

Elderly persons, pregnant women, small children and those with health conditions requiring medical care should consult a physician before using the hot tub. Pregnant women should limit hot tub temperature to 98 degrees F. CHILDREN ARE NOT TO USE THE HOT TUB UNSUPERVISED!! Hot Tubs are not intended for use as wading or swimming pools for children. For safety reasons, please monitor your children carefully.

DO NOT use the hot tub while under the influence of alcohol, tranquilizers or other drugs that cause drowsiness or raise or lower blood pressure as these may lead to unconsciousness with the possibility of injury or drowning.


  • For obvious safety reasons, KEEP ALL BREAKABLE OBJECTS OUT OF THE HOT TUB AREA. Use plastic drinking glasses when in the hot tub. Broken glass and/or other debris can end up in the working parts of the hot tub necessitating expensive repairs for which you will be charged.
  • Owners Towels are not for use at Hot Tubs. Replacement cost for damaged towels will be charged against your security deposit.
  • DO NOT use bubble bath or soap of any kind in the hot tub as this may cause major damage resulting in expensive repairs which will be charged against your security deposit.
  • DO NOT turn off Hot Tub or flip the breaker to the Hot Tub as this, too, can cause damage resulting in expensive repairs and charges to your security deposit.
  • CONTACT THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY if you find the water level in the Hot Tub is below the level of the jets as this can cause the heater to burn out. Do not, however, attempt to refill the Hot Tub or turn it off yourself. Do not remove any frost-free covers from or hook up any hoses to outside faucets.
  • The Hot Tub Cover is for insulation purposes only. DO NOT stand or sit on the cover because it will break, and you will be responsible for the replacement cost. DO COVER THE TUB when you’re not in it so the water will stay warm. WHEN NOT IN USE AND AT CHECK OUT, PLEASE MAKE SURE THE COVER IS SECURELY IN PLACE, so it will not blow off and be damaged.


I have read and understand the above hot tub advisories and precautions and accept full responsibility for use of the Hot Tub during our stay.


(Interior Fireplaces are Operational October 1 through April 15 / Outdoor Fireplaces may be used year-round)

Specific instructions for use of gas logs in a particular cabin may vary, so if you have any questions or problems, please call the office (706-258-2460).

Some cabins are equipped with propane gas log fireplaces. They are only for looks and are not made to heat the cabins and run continually as a source of heat. They are controlled by thermostats which will turn the logs off and on automatically. Gas log fireplaces are not vented to accommodate the burning of wood logs. Under no circumstances should you ever try to burn wood in a gas log fireplaceGas logs have a pilot light which should be on before you arrive. There is a switch on the set of logs; you will see ON or Pilot on the switch. Do not turn the knob past the pilot setting, or the logs will go off and need to be re-lit. If you are not able to re-light the logs, you will have to call the rental office to have someone come and relight the pilot light for you, and there will be a trip charge for this serviceDO NOT MOVE OR RE-ARRANGE GAS LOGS AS THIS CAN DAMAGE LOGS AND/OR CAUSE CARBON MONOXIDE TO BE RELEASED INTO THE AIR. ANY EVIDENCE OF TAMPERING OR MISUSE OF GAS LOGS WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT. If you are having any problems with a gas log fireplace, contact our office. Some of the gas log fireplaces are on the outside decks and due to the cold air, if they are left on they will burn continually without turning off, resulting in a large usage of propane gas. When the logs are not being used, be sure to turn the knob back to the pilot setting; and when you check out, be sure all the logs are on pilot. If logs are still burning when our cleaners arrive, this will result in a charge against your Security Deposit.

Firewood is not provided for wood burning fireplaces. Wood burning fireplaces do not have access to gas starters. If you are not proficient at starting a fire without one, you might want to bring small “Duraflame” type logs or “fire starters”. Limit to three (3) pieces of firewood in the wood burning fireplaces at a time to prevent fire hazards. Absolutely no liquid accelerant is allowed! This is a safety issue, and any evidence of accelerant use will result in the loss of your deposit. After use, please put all ashes in the metal ash can provided and leave the ash can outside the cabin. No unburned wood or ashes (even if you think they are cool) in the plastic cans, please. Do not dump any ashes in the woods near the cabin, and if the ashes are still hot, make sure they are placed in a safe place outside the cabin. No trash such as bottles or cans in fire pits.



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