The anticipation leading up to a trip you so carefully planned builds as the final hours close. But unexpected things happen when you least expect them, especially before or during a much-needed getaway. Travel insurance is one of the best ways to combat any surprises you may encounter. Often this is a debate in the trip planning phase, the back and forth on whether you need it.

Here are a few reasons travel insurance is a must when renting a cabin, and hopefully, this helps you understand why it’s valuable!

If You Need To Cancel Your Trip

Always refer to the cabin rental agreement form to verify the cancelation policy upon signing the contract. But purchasing travel insurance will protect you if an unforeseen circumstance arises. Understandably, life keeps going even if you plan a getaway and things come up. The protection of insurance can provide coverage for any non-refundable expenses.

Illness or Injury Before or During the Trip

An illness of a guest or a death in the family would require you to cancel on short notice, in which case your deposit is subject to forfeit. Travel insurance can protect you against losing your money to a situation out of your control and grant you the opportunity to make other arrangements or receive a refund.

It’s also possible a guest falls ill while on your vacation and needs to leave early. In that case, speak with property management about your options for the remainder of the trip, as insurance may provide coverage for the leftover time.

Natural Disasters and Adverse Weather

Our cabins in North Georgia don’t often experience disastrous weather conditions, but weather is also unpredictable. One of the top reasons travel insurance is a must when renting a cabin is to protect your items up to a certain amount should something occur near your cabin that’s out of anyone’s control. It’s essential you refer to your insurance coverage policy to understand the terms and conditions thoroughly.

Lost or Stolen Items in the Cabin

A significant asset to insurance is protection against lost or stolen items. Even if no natural disaster occurs, things can happen while on vacation. For example, losing a camera or phone can create an added layer of chaos while you’re away from home, so investing in asset protection can make things easier. Most coverage policies protect up to a specified amount, but it also might be best to leave any high-value items at home.

For questions about our rental agreements, policies, and access to travel insurance through Nevaeh Cabin Rentals, reach out to us today!

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