The tension between whether the Blue Ridge and the Smoky Mountains are the same is relatively thick. We’re here to bring some clarity around that topic and why each range of rigid rock is unique in its own way. The entire terrain stretches roughly 615 miles of land across several state lines, but the two entities are worth having their own respect. Here is a closer look!

Are the Mountain Ridges the Same?

The short answer is yes, but also no. Confusing, right? To put it into context, the Blue Ridge and Smoky ranges complete what is best known as the Appalachian Trail. The Smokies are only a small portion of the Blue Ridge Mountains. So, while they share, connect, and mingle in one designated area, the two are vastly different due to the expansive climactic changes from one end to the other.

Where Do the Blue Ridge Mountains Start and End?

Two prominent national parks reside within these mountainous borders, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Shenandoah National Park. In addition to these, there are eight great national forests.

The Blue Ridge trail stretches around 469 miles and connects both national parks along the crest line. However, where Blue Ridge starts and ends is up to you. Its northern access point is in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and stretches south into Mount Oglethorpe, Georgia. A common stomping ground for many to enjoy and play in Blue Ridge is north of Atlanta, where vineyards, hiking, kayaking, and retreating connect.

A Deep Dive

It’s essential to note the two ranges are close neighbors. To some, they are relatives. Many might think they intertwine, but they do have separate properties. Due to its climate and wet-green distinction, the Blue Ridge range gives off a blue cast. In contrast, the Smoky Mountains tend to have a haze, mostly from humidity and water particles trapped in the air, giving a lush green experience.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to compare the two against one another, but we like to think they accompany one another in perfect synchronicity. Blue Ridge’s iconic and southernmost point is in Georgia, where you can escape and enjoy some of the range’s most beautiful landscapes.

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