With all the different activities and experiences to enjoy in North Georgia, it can be challenging to choose which one to try first. One of the most popular options is fishing, but you’ll need a little guidance before you head out. In this article, we explore the area’s best spots and offer some great suggestions to make your trip successful and fun. Grab your poles, and let’s go!

North Georgia Offers Superior Fishing

Heading to North Georgia for a bit of fishing is a highly rated activity in the area. Whether you intend to spend a weekend on the waters or are looking for a unique activity to do while vacationing, trout and fly fishing offer a tranquil experience mixed with adrenaline, success, and tons of great nature finds. The area offers some of the country’s most diverse collections of streams, rivers, and runs and a relatively large and healthy population of fish.

The best time to head to the state for a superior catch is between March and October. This time frame leaves the door wide open for you to enjoy a range of adventures while in the area. Aside from securing the necessary licensing, there aren’t many rules that fishing enthusiasts who are curious about the area need to keep in mind.

Everyone looking to grab a pole and bait a fish must obtain a legal license. The good news is the area makes this easy. Head to a local bait shop for supplies and let them know you need a license for your excursion. Another simple solution is to visit a local gas station or Walmart, whichever is most convenient for your crew.

Now, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of your North Georgia trout and fly fishing voyage.

Be Mindful of Your Bait Selections

You might be drawn to grab flashy bait at the shop or bait you know and love from other fishing experiences. But it’s essential to be a little more mindful of your bait selections when trying to hook this specific fish population. These fish tend to enjoy a variety of bait, but a few options reign supreme. Locals who frequent the area’s waters and popular spots all agree that Blue Fox Vibrax, Mister Twister Micro Crawfish, Trout Worm, and Smithwick Rattlin’ Rogue are the most suitable bait options.

Once you obtain your license and grab your bait, it’s time to head to North Georgia’s best fishing spots—arguably the best spots in all of Georgia!

The Best Spots North Georgia Has To Offer

You can pick and choose a unique spot for the day or weekend based on your experience levels and knowledge. Varying the location of your fishing excursion helps you sharpen skills or learn a few new ones, which is beneficial because fishing requires a little skill and a lot of patience. The one downside to fishing in this area is that you may never get to experience fishing alone, as these spots generally see quite a bit of traffic. The good news is you can travel along the streams until you’re satisfied with your spot or choose to make the trip on a weekday when the area may be less busy.

Try your best to account for your needs when heading out for the day, and pack a bag or cooler with sunscreen, a quality hat, plenty of water, and some easy snacks. Choose snacks that keep well and have high nutrient levels, such as trail mix, mixed nuts, or dried fruits. You want to avoid packing anything that must be kept cool because shade may be limited or nonexistent depending on location and time of day. You might also want to consider bringing an additional layer of clothing, something to sit on, and a catch-of-the-day cooler.

Shallowford Bridge on the Toccoa

Shallowford Bridge area is located on the Toccoa River and gets heavily re-stocked with prime catches between November and May, ensuring you’ll have an easy time reeling in the perfect catch come fishing season. It’s critical to pay attention to the signage posted because this is a specifically catch-and-release location during heavy stocking season, allowing you to skip the catch-of-the-day cooler. There are a few ways to fish at this spot, one of which involves going underneath the bridge and another that requires you to follow the designated dirt road and fish along the river.

The Shallowford Bridge is a delayed harvest area, which means it’s deliberately catch-and-release and heavily stocked during the above-mentioned months. This is an ideal spot in North Georgia for those looking to test or refine existing skills. However, it’s typically not a recommended spot for vacationers looking to experience leisurely fishing.

Jacks and Conasauga River at Cohutta Wilderness

The Jacks and Conasauga River spots offer a wide variety of landing spots for fishers of any experience level. Consider heading this way for a unique fishing adventure. These locations reside in the Cohutta Wilderness, making them ideal for hikers and anglers alike.

The Jacks are not stocked with trout, but the population is active and healthy. It’s advised to pick up a site map from Forest Services because it will help you get back to the trailhead should you get lost along the way.

The Conasauga offers year-round fishing, while fishing at Jacks is only available from March through October.

Rock Creek Near Dahlonega

Rock Creek is a quaint little spot that sits near Dahlonega and outside Morganton. Also nearby is the Chattahoochee National hatchery, which is fun to check out if you’re only in town for a short time. The stream stocks trout that pass out of the federal hatchery, so you’ll have a lot to share when returning home after fishing at Rock Creek. Situated at a higher elevation are the native brookies tributaries, which hold a small piece of noteworthy history that young fishers in the crew might enjoy.

Toccoa River Above the Dam

The Toccoa River offers some excellent trout fishing on a fairly regular basis because the trout get restocked often. It’s safe to assume that mid-level to high-level experienced fishers should use these waters because the water levels fluctuate without warning, which changes the grounding and stabilization. Most areas with highly populated trout are on private land, so tread lightly. But the most accessible place to land without hassle is near Rt. 60 and Margaret. These waters dump into the National Forest and offer scenic views, healthy stocked trout, and adventure.

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The Complete Guide to Trout and Fly Fishing in North Georgia

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