Planning a vacation is one thing—but planning a vacation to a destination with a strong past and a distinct beginning is another! Make the next place you visit Blue Ridge, Georgia, which features a charming history, family-like feels, and an adventure to encompass it all. Here’s a closer look at some of the facts.

Fannin County: The Early Days

In 1854, Fannin County declared itself in the heart of North Georgia. The great James Walker Fannin is responsible for the spot’s namesake after he was brought to his death by General Jose Urrea, who was under orders to conduct the execution measures.

Sometime after the Revolution, settlers began staking claim to Fannin County, and before long, the location became a primary place of residence and life. The area had excellent access to the Toccoa River and a rich flow of wealth minerals. These two things attracted the early settlers as they needed and created home bases.

Blue Ridge: The Mountain Town

Present-day Blue Ridge would suggest rich culture and history through time—which would be true. Blue Ridge came to fruition after the Northern Railroad traveled to Fannin County. The rail went through the state at the highest point, at 1,751 feet altitude.

In 1886, when Blue Ridge established itself in Fannin, the county declared itself the “Switzerland of the South” on all promotional brochures, leading guests and tourists to believe this was the must-see location.

In 1895, Blue Ridge was declared the county government’s primary and most worthy location. The senate and state house approved a permanent change after a nearly eight-year war between Morganton and Blue Ridge. Had that rail never stopped in Blue Ridge, the town may not be as inspiring and iconic as it is today.

Must-Visit Historic Spots

A significant part of what makes Blue Ridge’s history iconic and a must-see is its ability to capture and radiate rich history through its modern-day tourist offerings. The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway and The Blue Ridge Depot remain two of the area’s most iconic artifacts that remain operable today. The Scenic Railway is a must-do while in the area and travels throughout the history-rich town and offers travelers picturesque mountain views from all angles.

In addition to the views, travelers get the opportunity to explore other parts of town that include one-of-a-kind dining experiences, shopping, and much more. Whether you’re visiting with a large group of friends or your children, the area offers all guests a unique adventure.

Nevaeh’s Unmatched Charm

The charming history of Blue Ridge, Georgia, symbolizes treating each guest, traveler, and resident like family. With a history rich in roots, Nevaeh Cabin Rentals offers that same family-like accommodation with our North Georgia vacation rentals. Experience what it’s like to be an 1800s settler and ride the iconic Scenic Railway through town. We can’t wait to meet your crew!

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