After spending the day traveling, guests are tired, hungry, and ready to unwind in their comfortable vacation spots. Offering a warm, inviting, and impressionable greeting plays no small part in a renter’s ability to relax upon entering their cabin. Here are a few ideas to help you achieve an ideal welcome and turn new guests into repeat visitors.

Curate a Welcome Presentation

When guests arrive, they will start their visit by hauling their belongings around the property. Help them feel at ease with a beautifully curated welcome presentation that embraces their presence and offers peace of mind.

This is the perfect opportunity to lay out the boundaries for the space and include the cabin rental policies, as well as provide time for them to ask questions. Opening this type of dialogue is inclusive and ensures your guests feel their presence is appreciated and wanted.

Provide a Greeting Gift

Another great way to leave a lasting first impression and welcome your rental guests to a well-deserved vacation is by offering a greeting gift. You can set these up in various ways, with all budgets in mind. A few popular options include a basket of edible goodies, a towel set they can use and take home, robes with slippers they can take home, or a personalized offering if you know the intent behind the vacation.

For example, if you know your guests are on an anniversary trip, you could consider a bottle of champagne and roses. If it’s a family vacation, include snacks for the kids. The options are endless, so get creative.

Offer Local Suggestions

Depending on where your guests will travel during their stay, they may not be familiar with the area. You have the opportunity as host to offer some great local suggestions. You could also consider a partnership with some local places you enjoy, offering small discounts or other exclusive experiences. Travelers love local suggestions because they provide better guidance for exploration, which can minimize travel uncertainty.

Make Yourself Available

Whether at a distance or on-site, make yourself available as a line of support your guests can rely on. If you have firm boundaries regarding communication, consider offering your email or work number so they can contact you for emergency purposes.

If you remain on-site and don’t mind the contact, offer an open-door policy in addition to contact numbers and email. Creating an inviting environment can help your guests feel welcome in your space and also keep you in the loop about your property.

Nevaeh Cabin Rentals offers comprehensive guest services for each rental and traveler we see. We understand the value of creating and maintaining a warm welcome for each vacation cabin rental guest, and we can help you execute the process where necessary. Partner with a staff member today to learn how we can help you achieve these greetings in your rental cabin.

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