Before placing your beloved vacation cabin in the caring hands of someone else, there are many things you should ask, understand, and learn. We took the time to round up the top five questions you should ask a property manager, so you can start your partnership on the right foot. Explore more below.

How Many Properties Do You Handle?

Understanding how many properties a firm handles at once is incredibly insightful in understanding their overall workflow. This understanding also gives you more insight into how your specific property will receive the time and care you’re looking for when you’re away.

While it’s always best to maintain close contact with your property, this isn’t always feasible if you own multiple. If you feel the firm is tackling more than it can handle, you may consider choosing someone to take over a few.

Do You Have a Cancelation Policy?

Knowing the contract details is a priority before you bind yourself or your property to a partnership. The cancelation policy should be flexible for both you and the management firm, as this allows for adequate agreements for both parties. Also, consider asking if there is a fee involved should you need to break the contract early or unexpectedly.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

Experience matters in the hospitality industry, specifically property management. Excellent property management is the backbone of overall ease in the partnership. When a management firm has decades of experience, it shows they are a reliable and reputable firm to work with, as many have relied on them.

Your property is an incredible investment asset, so you want full peace of mind while away that it is receiving the care and respect it deserves. The more experience the firm has, the better time management and care practices they will have.

Do You Offer an Insurance Policy?

An experienced property management firm will likely have all the insurance and credentials necessary to ease your mind. But it’s still a top question to ask the property manager to ensure the partnership and your property are covered should an unforeseen circumstance occur.

Accidents happen, and you can’t leave your managed property in the hands of fate or luck. Cover your bases and rest easy with the assurance of insurance through the property management firm.

How are Your Fees Structured?

As with anything involving money, you must have clarity regarding the fee structure and receipts. You’ll also want to know how much you spend on the partnership to gauge your earnings and earning potential. Generally, fees run in the two to four percent range, but it’s worth confirming before signing any documents.

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