Owning and operating a cabin rental property is a unique luxury with a lot of responsibility. Therefore, hiring a third-party team as head of managing and cleaning is a much-needed decision to ensure the property is ready for each guest. However, this team of individuals should ensure certain areas don’t go overlooked when cleaning. Read below to learn more.

Lighting and Electrical Plates

The light switches and electrical outlets experience a lot of use and handling and often go overlooked. Users touch these two features without thinking because they need to turn on or off the lights or plug in various cords. And when guests exit the space, the most common concern is turning the lights off and remembering to remove their valuables, not cleaning the plates.

However, the amount of germs that build up after each use and guest is astronomical. So while it’s not the renter’s responsibility to clean the plates, your cleaning crew should cover these in their cleaning routine. Adding it to your cleaning checklist for the cleaners can highlight the significance of these items and bring awareness to your demand for thorough sanitization.

Remotes and Additional Electronic Devices

Light switches, remotes, and additional electronic devices like lock pads or security features experience a lot of use. However, cleaners often overlook them. These handhelds are in common areas, bedrooms, entryways, and other lounging locations throughout a rental property.

Some people might wipe remotes down before or after use, but generally, a property owner can expect renters to be more worried about losing remotes than cleaning them. Often, departing renters place remotes on tabletops or consoles to ensure they are visible to the next renters. Consider telling your cleaning crew to ensure the remotes are, in fact, visible and to sanitize them before new occupants take over the space.

Knobs and Pull Handles

Exterior knobs and pull handles are common places for cleaners to sanitize, but not interior knobs and pull handles. Renters frequently touch things like kitchen drawers, bathroom handles, and bedroom doors, so the germs and bacteria build quickly. Cleaning these features between guests is the best way to help control the spread of germs and mitigate unnecessary illnesses inside the property.

After all, renters often have dirty hands, as many people don’t wash their hands as frequently as they should. While this is unfortunate, sanitizing and disinfecting the knobs and pulls is a great way to help minimize the effects of this reality.

Kitchen Counter Appliances

Cleaners usually address kitchen counter appliances, and renters usually wash the used components before checking out. However, it’s still important to cover in a rental property cleaning schedule because wiping the components down differs from sanitizing or disinfecting, and both should occur as often as possible.

The cleaning crew should dismantle each appliance as much as possible, disinfect the components, and reassemble it. Additionally, the appliance’s counter space is a breeding ground for germs and crumbs, which invites unwanted critters. Therefore, cleaners should move the appliances from their spots and clean the counter space underneath.

The following is a list of typical countertop appliances to disinfect and clean around:

  • Coffee maker
  • Stand mixer
  • Microwave
  • Toaster oven
  • Air fryer

Refrigerators and Freezers

Cleaning the outside of a fridge is only one part of the job. The most critical area to consider is the interior because this is where food and germ buildup occurs the most. Plus, renters often forget perishable items in the fridge when they leave. Therefore, it’s vital the interior receives inspection and cleaning between renters.

Some property owners can also include fridge or freezer clean-out in the cabin rental policies because this will hold renters accountable for their items and cleanliness. Once they sign and agree to the rental policy, they also agree to clean up and remove their unwanted or leftover food.

It may not seem like a big deal to some people, but leaving food behind or having long gaps between renters increases the risk of many unpleasant things. For example, it could lead to food spoilage, mold growth, and nasty odors. Holding renters and cleaning crews responsible for the fridge and freezer items can mitigate some of these potentially risky outcomes.

Dishwasher and Washing Machine

All is not lost if something gets left behind in the dishwasher or washing machine. However, not cleaning these appliances with a clean cycle invites and spreads unwanted bacteria. Renters use these machines sparingly when the need arises, but it’s not ideal for the personal germs of one guest to compound with the personal germs of another. It doesn’t matter whether guests wash towels, clean dishes, or don’t use the machines at all. It’s always best for the cleaning crew to run a proper cleaning cycle through each appliance to have them ready for new guests.

Cleaners should rinse and empty the dishwasher, sanitize and leave the washing machine open, and remove lint and debris from the dryer. If these procedures don’t happen, you run the risk of potentially negative reviews and a decrease in future bookings. Guests don’t always know if they’ll need to use these appliances, but it’s nice to rely on them if necessary.

Bathroom Towel Bars and Storage

Finally, another area that often gets overlooked but needs to be a part of the cabin rental property cleaning checklist is the bathroom towel bars and storage areas. Why? Because when a guest grabs a towel, they want assurance that the towel is clean and the area housing the towel is also clean. If guests pull a clean towel out or off of a dirty space, the towel becomes contaminated.

Towel bars and storage often go overlooked because they might not seem as obvious as others rental features. But adding them to the cleaning crew checklist brings attention to their importance and ensures all your bases are covered, specifically with towels and hygiene.

Here at Nevaeh Cabin Rentals, we take pride in our ability to uphold our owners’ cleaning demands and wishes and honor each request. Our management team and cleaning crews are the best at what they do and ensure your property and each renter enters an immaculate and properly sanitized space. Partner with us today to learn about our management services and property cleaning standards.

Top 7 Overlooked Areas When Cleaning Cabin Rental Properties

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