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Maintaining a rental property can be a daunting task, especially when you own multiple properties and have a revolving door of guests. With the right plan, some hard work, and a property management crew, you can keep your tenants safe and happy while increasing the value of your property. At Nevaeh Cabin Rentals, we value the properties we manage and look forward to adding more to our portfolio. We’ve prepared this ultimate guide to maintaining your rental property to make these tasks a little easier on you and us. Let’s go!

Set Appropriate Expectations for Tenants

It’s important to establish clear expectations for tenants at the beginning of your rental agreement. A property management team can also help you establish these boundaries and expectations.

Regardless of the length of the rental agreement, you and the tenant(s) must be aware of your rights and responsibilities. This includes setting guidelines for noise levels, pet fees, and acceptable maintenance requests. Make sure you communicate these expectations clearly so your tenants understand what is expected of them during their stay. If you have additional property amenities, such as an outdoor grill, hot tub, or gazebo, include usage expectations for these items as well.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

After setting expectations for tenants, it’s time to create a maintenance schedule that will help you keep your rental property in good condition. Regularly inspecting the premises is essential for ensuring a safe living environment for tenants and protecting the value of your property.

Here are a few basic tasks you should perform:

Accidents can happen, and sometimes tenants don’t know how to address them. Some examples include loose stove knobs, a wobbly fridge, a running toilet, or loose switch plates. By performing regular inspections and fixing issues you come across, your rental property will be in great shape for tenants, even if they don’t notice the little things.

Stay on Top of Repairs

Once you’ve completed your maintenance tasks, you can open your property to renters! Let your tenants know that you’re available to help if they experience any problems during their stay. Keep an eye out for any signs of wear and tear, such as faulty wiring or broken appliances, and add them to your maintenance schedule. If your tenants contact you asking about repairs, respond quickly and fix the issue promptly. In doing so, you keep your tenants happy, build trust with them, and keep your rental property in good condition.

If you’re too far from the property and a renter submits a maintenance request, your property management firm can assess the request and begin the appropriate follow-up procedures outlined in your agreement.

Manage Lease Renewals

Rental property owners must stay on top of lease renewals in order to adjust rent prices as needed. Establishing a timeline for renewing your tenants’ leases can ensure rental rates are up-to-date and competitive in the market.

Lease renewals create an opportunity to update maintenance or repair agreements, such as adding restrictions or giving tenants more freedom. These terms may serve long-term rentals best. Still, you can benefit from adjusting lease agreements on short-term stays to remain on top of your property’s needs.

Handle Complaints Quickly

No matter how well you maintain your rental property, there may be times when tenants have complaints or concerns. In these instances, it’s important to respond quickly and find solutions that are satisfactory for both parties. This means addressing problems in a timely manner and communicating openly about the details of an issue.

Taking this extra step will show your tenants you are invested in providing a safe living environment. Another benefit of a property management partnership is having someone on-site to address complaints in a timely manner. It’s not always convenient to address significant issues if you’re renting the space from a distance. Fortunately, the management crew can resolve situations without worry on your end.

Utilize Technology To Streamline Tasks

Technology can help you simplify the process of maintaining your rental properties. For example, you can use cloud-based property management software to manage tenant information, handle rent payments, and track maintenance requests. This software can save you time and effort while helping you provide better service for your tenants.

If a property management team oversees your tasks, they will use the most suitable system for their demands. Ask them about their task management system while vetting the partnership to understand the compatibility.

Provide Resources to Tenants

As a rental property owner, you should provide tenants with the necessary resources for enjoying their stay. This could include information on local dining, health and wellness, or family attractions.

Consider providing local services and amenities if the rental agreement is long-term so the tenant(s) feel comfortable in the community. Doing so will show your tenants that you care about their needs and want to provide a comfortable living environment, whether it’s for the weekend, the month, or longer.

Invest in Property Management

Investing in property management can make or break your ability to serve your renters. The management crew has on-demand access to your space and can fill in the gaps when you’re absent or assisting other renters. Help from a property management team lets you co-manage your property from a distance without needing to be physically present.

Maintaining rental properties is important for the success of property owners, but it can feel overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. By following this ultimate guide to maintaining your rental property, you can ensure that your cabin remains in good condition. With the right plan and team to execute it, you can secure the value of your investment and relish the perks of ownership.

Nevaeh Cabin Rentals is your go-to rental property management in Georgia for luxury cabins and cabin builds. Partner with us today to set your property on the right path!

The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Rental Property

Your rental cabin is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, whether you take a long weekend away or rent it out to guests. But if you can improve the space just a little with a few simple tweaks, you might find it to be even more enjoyable than you imagined. Below, we explore five easy ways to make your cabin feel more luxurious so all visitors can enjoy some rejuvenation.

Add Soft Lighting

Soft lighting can instantly create an atmosphere of relaxation and luxury in your cabin. Consider hanging a few string lights around the room or placing some candles on the coffee table for a cozy feel.

You can also find several stylish lamps that will give off just enough light to make your space feel luxurious without being too bright. Ensure whichever lighting solution you choose suits the overall atmosphere of your cabin, so you don’t add oddball interior design fixtures that contradict your luxury goals.

Invest in Quality Furniture

It’s worth investing in quality furniture for your cabin. High-end furniture is more comfortable, looks better, and lasts longer than cheaper pieces. Choose timeless, classic designs that you can enjoy for years to come. Consider building a damage clause into your rental contracts so you attract a clientele you can trust if you worry renters will ruin these investments.

Bring the Outdoors In

You don’t have to completely sacrifice nature views when you’re inside your cabin. Add a few potted plants to your living space to create a serene environment and bring in some of that outdoorsy atmosphere. You can also hang up some artwork or framed photos of nature scenes or even keep the windows open so you can enjoy the fresh air.

Adding green, lush houseplants is an excellent way to complete the look without over-investing in anything if you decide to whitewash the interior to elevate the environment. Consider faux plants if you’re nervous about plant care.

Upgrade Your Bedding

The bed is one of the most important parts of your cabin, so it’s worth investing in some high-quality bedding to accompany the comfort and atmosphere. Choose bed sheets and blankets with the highest quality materials, such as silk or cotton. Add a few decorative pillows for an extra touch of luxury, but avoid going overboard so they don’t detract from the serene and luxurious environment.

Splurge on Small Luxuries

It’s the little things that can really make your cabin feel more luxurious. Invest in a few items you wouldn’t usually buy, such as a high-end coffee maker or an aromatherapy diffuser. You might also want to stock up on some nice bath products like bubble baths and body scrubs. These small but impactful investments are excellent ways to make your cabin feel more luxurious without tearing down walls, buying large new appliances, or overhauling an entire space.

Nevaeh Cabin Rentals partners with you to make your cabin rental operable, luxurious, and profitable. Our Wolf Creek cabin builders in North Georgia can get the job done if you need to update your existing cabin to bring in more luxury features or want to build from the ground up. Learn more today!

Are you looking for the perfect location for your next corporate retreat? Look no further than North Georgia! This stunning area offers incredible scenery and outdoor activities that are sure to make your retreat enjoyable. Here are three reasons why your team should consider North Georgia for the next company retreat.

Unique Retreat Activities

North Georgia is famous for its natural beauty and bountiful outdoor activities, making it a great choice for your corporate retreat. From whitewater rafting and zip lining to mountain biking and leisurely hiking, there’s something for everyone in North Georgia! With so many options, your team can customize their retreat to make it a truly unique and unforgettable trip.

You can designate small groups for various activities or offer everyone the opportunity to explore independently. Leave it up to your team members to ensure everyone gets a say in how they enjoy the enchanting surroundings.

Delicious Local Cuisine

The local restaurants in North Georgia serve up some of the best food in the state. From classic Southern dishes to unique fusion cuisine, everyone who attends the retreat will eat something they’ll love.

Treat your team to a delicious dinner at one of the many fantastic local restaurants and give them the ultimate retreat experience. Nothing says “we appreciate your efforts” more than an unforgettable meal of their choosing.

Unforgettable Views

North Georgia is known for its stunning mountainous views, and there’s no better place to take in the beauty of this region than from atop a mountain. The views are among the best reasons to have corporate retreats in North Georgia because you can break away from the hustle and connect with nature.

Whether you’re on a guided hike or taking in the view from a mountaintop restaurant, your team will revel in the experience. Once everyone is surrounded by lush green forests, mountain views, and the soothing sounds of nature, your team will feel refreshed and ready to return to work with a healthier mindset.

With its unique activities, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking views, North Georgia is the perfect destination for your corporate retreat. Contact Nevaeh Cabin Rentals today to discuss lodging and accommodations. We proudly offer luxury cabins in North Georgia that offer a home-away-from-home atmosphere and all the provisions necessary to bring your team together. We look forward to hosting your crew!

Are you planning an epic getaway in the North Georgia mountains? You might not know all the specifics of your packing list, especially with outdoor adventures and excursions on your mind. Here is a helpful guide for getting ready for your cabin that highlights what to bring so you’re prepared for your trip.

Clothes and Shoes

Pack clothing appropriate for the climate and any activities you’ve planned. Pack clothing you can layer, as outdoor temperatures can change unpredictably. Don’t forget to pack shoes that suit the terrain, such as hiking boots or sandals.

The downtown Blue Ridge area features some exquisite local dining and live entertainment, so consider bringing clothes and shoes that suit these environments. Of course, you’ll want to be comfortable in your cabin, so do bring plenty of clothes for lounging.

Supplies and Toiletries

Make sure you bring enough supplies like toilet paper, batteries, blankets, sunscreen, bug spray, and other necessities for cabin rentals. Remember toiletries like your toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, and other personal hygiene products. Depending on how you travel—by plane or ground transportation—you’ll want to avoid packing bulky items.

Food and Snacks

Whether you plan on cooking or not, pack some non-perishable food, as grocery stores may be farther away from your cabin than you expect. Bring snacks that are easy to take on the go, such as trail mix, nuts, or granola bars. Consider bringing a cooler for items you can store in the fridge if you’re hanging around the cabin. You’ll feel more at home in your cabin rental with your favorite snacks and drinks.

Entertainment and Recreation Gear

Don’t forget to bring a few items for entertainment, such as books, playing cards, board games, or instruments. You may also want to bring outdoor recreation gear that ties into your activities of interest.

The local area features kayaking, hiking, waterfall chasing, and so much more. The adventure parks in the area are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, and many offer equipment rentals. All you’ll need to bring is your identification, appropriate footwear, and personal comfort provisions.

When getting ready for your cabin and considering what to bring, partner with the cabin rental company to explore all your amenities. You can find this information in your cabin rental policies, and you’ll learn more about your cabin and how to accommodate yourself.

Let Nevaeh Cabin Rentals be your trusted partner for all your North Georgia cabin rentals and getaways. Our luxury cabins feature home-like amenities so you can vacation without inconvenience. Reserve your space today!

Don’t overlook the North Georgia mountains and accompanying quaint mountain towns when it’s time to consider your next getaway. Many know the area for its stunning natural beauty, with majestic mountains and lush, green forests. And while it has plenty of big city attractions, there’s nothing like exploring the hidden gems that you can find throughout North Georgia. Here’s how you can make the most out of your North Georgia vacation, from relaxing lakeside retreats to outdoor adventures.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

North Georgia is a great destination for outdoor lovers and adventurers alike. With its many national parks, lakes, rivers, and trails, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The great outdoors in North Georgia is sure to provide the perfect adventure, whether you’re looking for a leisurely hike or an exhilarating mountain bike ride.

Ensure you pack your bags accordingly so you can enjoy the surrounding areas in their entirety and consider blocking time in your vacation just for outdoor activities. Trust us. You’ll be happy you did.

Visit Local Wineries and Breweries

The wine and beer scene in North Georgia has been growing steadily over the past few years, with many local wineries and breweries producing some of the best libations around. Take the time to explore some of these venues and sample their unique offerings. You can even take a tour and learn more about Georgia’s local wine and beer production.

Consider calling ahead to ensure the location of interest is not explicitly for people ages 21 and up if you’re traveling with children. Most places will allow family dining during set business hours, and some make the inclusion of allowing your four-legged friends to tag along.

Shop for Local Goods

One of the best parts of visiting North Georgia is getting to know its vibrant culture. Spending time outdoors and enjoying local fare is a steadfast approach to enjoying the area, but diving into the local art and culture scenes can really help you make the most out of your North Georgia vacation. The culture and people committed to the area’s arts are what make the surrounding atmosphere come to life with warmth and love.

You’ll find plenty of great souvenirs to take home with you that you won’t find anywhere else, whether you’re shopping in downtown areas or browsing through artisan boutiques. Take some time to explore the local markets and pick up a few unique items that will remind you of your time spent here for years to come.

Explore Local History

The history of North Georgia is quite fascinating! With its Native American roots and Civil War monuments, there’s plenty to explore and learn throughout the region. Take a tour of some historic sites or visit one of the local museums to get an in-depth look at North Georgia’s past.

Some of the area’s most popular history exploration spots include:

Take a Trip to the Mountains

North Georgia is home to some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the country, including the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachian Trail. The mountains in North Georgia are worth exploring, whether you’re taking a hike or simply enjoying the stunning views.

Don’t forget to take some time to relax along the way and enjoy cascading waterfalls, scenic lookouts, and the all-encompassing wildlife and flora. Ensure you pack accordingly so you can enjoy yourself without worry. Common items include quality hiking footwear, a light jacket, a sunhat, and a backpack with personal care provisions such as snacks, water, bug spray, and sunscreen.

Sample Local Cuisine

The food scene in North Georgia is diverse and delicious, leaving all stomachs full and appetites satisfied. You’ll find plenty of delicious options, from traditional Southern dishes like fried green tomatoes and shrimp and grits to the growing selection of international cuisine. Spend time exploring the local eateries and try something new on your North Georgia getaway.

Along with the wineries and breweries, you can find local favorites that offer live entertainment, iconic menu options, and an endless supply of good vibes. It’s worth mentioning again that some locations do not allow patrons to bring their pets, so consider calling ahead to confirm if yours is welcome wherever you decide to go.

Enjoy a Lake Retreat

Many enjoy the lakes in the area for their stunning beauty, peaceful atmospheres, and serene waters. You’re sure to have an unforgettable experience, whether you’re enjoying a leisurely swim, a boat ride, or simply admiring the scenery from a secluded spot on the shore.

You’ll be happy to know that the lakes also offer rentals and accommodations, such as kayaking, lazy river floats, tubing, canoeing, and so much more if you’re into thrilling water adventures. Contact the lake or park’s recreation office so you can explore all their options and make the most of your experience.

Take in Some Music

North Georgia is a great destination for music lovers of all kinds. No matter what your taste is, you’ll enjoy North Georgia’s music lively scene—from big-name concerts and live performances to intimate listening rooms and country bars.

Explore the venues others recommend and discover some new favorites during your stay. Visiting the local wineries, breweries, or local hot spots is also an excellent way to take in some live entertainment as the surrounding mountain towns often feature artists and engaging performances.

North Georgia will provide plenty of unforgettable experiences no matter what kind of vacation you’re planning. There’s so much to see and do in this beautiful part of the country, from outdoor adventures to cultural exploration. So, why not start planning your North Georgia vacation today? You won’t regret it!

Nevaeh Cabin Rentals is the area’s leading source for North Georgia vacation rentals. We proudly offer our guests luxurious, quaint, and accommodating cabins. Each cabin gives you a home-like feeling so your getaway in the mountains is complete with everything you’d need to feel comfortable. Reserve your cabin today and get ready for a transformative experience right here in North Georgia!

How To Make the Most Out of Your North Georgia Vacation

North Georgia is full of lush forests, mountainous views, and a never-ending list of outdoor activities. With the warmth and vibrancy of the surrounding area, North Georgia is also home to some of the most captivating entertainment in Appalachia. We explore five live music venues in North Georgia you should visit so you know where to go and what to look for when you need some relaxation with an entertaining twist.

Blue Ridge Community Theater

The Blue Ridge Community Theater is one of the area’s best locations for musicals and small concerts. The theater is a more intimate, inviting environment where visitors can experience small shows and live productions that only Blue Ridge can offer. On occasion, the theater will have international comedians and artists in town. Because the setting is intimate, shows sell out relatively quickly. Buy your seats as soon as you see them on sale, so you don’t miss out on an excellent event.

Grumpy Old Man Brewing

Grumpy Old Man Brewing is a local delight here in North Georgia. Located in the heart of Blue Ridge, Grumpy Old Man is an excellent spot to grab a bite, enjoy a brew, and get on stage for some karaoke with friends. Or, sit back and enjoy the show! Another great perk about this local favorite is you can bring your beloved four-legged friend with you. So, feel free to head to Grumpy Old Man for some live entertainment, delicious food, and great company if you’re vacationing with your pup.

Misty Mountain Eatery

Misty Mountain Hops Eatery is another excellent live music venue in North Georgia you should visit, where you can enjoy some one-of-a-kind food with exceptional entertainment. This music-centric local favorite features a large stage with a more intimate setting where musical guests come, put on a show, and guests eat, enjoy, and dance the night away. Fridays and Saturdays see some of the highest foot traffic with anticipation of an excellent musical artist, so head to the eatery early if you plan to visit.

Canopy and The Roots

Head to Canopy and The Roots if you’re looking for a bluegrass, blues, and comedy hub. This location is a great spot for daytime entertainment where you can grab a coffee and sit back. You’ll need to travel to downtown Dahlonega, but the drive is worth it. This social house offers a relaxing atmosphere with eclectic entertainment throughout the week.

Bear Claw Vineyards

Bear Claw Vineyards is in the heart of North Georgia’s wine country. So, you’re in luck with Bear Claw if you’re a novice sommelier or wine enthusiast. Here, you can sip on a glass of red, white, or rosé and enjoy live entertainment with breathtaking mountain views. A visit to Bear Claw will not disappoint, with an all-encompassing view, local wine, and all the musical talent you can enjoy. A visit to Bear Claw Vineyards is an experience like no other.

Be sure to contact Nevaeh Cabin Rentals when you’re ready to take on North Georgia. We feature luxury and prime vacation cabins in Georgia with immediate access to many of the area’s most adventurous and thrilling spots. We look forward to your visit!

Creating plans to head to North Georgia for a summer getaway is a one-of-a-kind experience your whole family or crew won’t forget. On the surface, you might expect lush forests, mountain views, southern cooking, and dreamy hospitality. But once you peel back the layers and see all the area has to offer, you realize just how thrilling and inviting these picturesque mountain towns are. Here, we deep dive into eight fun summer activities to do in North Georgia to give you a better idea of what to expect and what to plan!

Hit the Wine Highway

The North Georgia mountains are home to some of the most scenic and inviting vineyards in the country. With a glass of wine in hand, you can enjoy the views and the company you keep and let all your worries melt away. The weather in the area is superior with the average low in the 60s and the high in the 80s or 90s. The temperatures are variable, and the humidity can be relatively high, but that won’t stop you from enjoying your time at a North Georgia vineyard.

The wineries and vineyards in the area are excellent for all types of travelers—those who wish to receive a guided tour and those who would rather take the sights in on their own terms. The Wine Highway is the perfect summer activity when you’re traveling as a couple or in a group.

Botanical Gardens

The lush forests in North Georgia are a sight to see, but the botanical gardens can bring nature into perspective without hesitation. The wooded trails and full florals captivate visitors and can inspire a connection to nature like no other.

The gardens serve as a beautiful place to enjoy a picnic, create memories, or take a leisurely stroll. Many enjoy the gardens for all they have to offer by booking large events, weddings, parties, and any kind of celebration since the backdrop serves as the most ideal decoration.

Experience the National Military Park

The military park is a treat for those with any affiliation to the armed services or those who have an interest in military history. Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park provide sobering and chilling experiences for each visitor that enters.

The area is known as the Gateway to the Deep South and crosses through both Georgia and Tennessee. Visitors can enjoy an up to 50-mile hike with trails and acreage ready to explore if the weather is nice. Study the indoor exhibits, then enjoy the afternoon outdoors by going hiking, rock climbing, and so much more.

Float Along the River

The North Georgia mountains are home to some of the most impeccable views the country has to offer. But tucked into the valleys, you’ll find beautiful bodies of water with a long list of activities and adventures. One of the most popular things people do is float along the river, as this activity gives them a chance to relax, cool off from that warm Georgia sun, and create memories with their crew.

River tubing is an enjoyable experience for everyone, whether you’re traveling with children, a group, or as a couple. Popular river tubing spots include Cool River Tubing in Helen, Cartecay River Experience in Ellijay, and Toccoa Wilderness Tubing right here in Blue Ridge.

Hit the Drive-In

The drive-in is a quintessential summer activity no matter where you are or where you live. But in North Georgia, it can be quite a memorable experience for the whole family. Surrounded by an escape of lush forests and mountain views, you can put all your worries aside and enjoy one of three different drive-ins in the area. Swan Drive-In, Tiger Drive-In, and Trenton’s Outdoor Wilderness Theater are the area’s go-to destinations for drive-ins.

Trenton’s holds the title as one of the world’s largest, most inviting drive-ins because of the large 100-foot by 50-foot movie screen. Tickets into the drive-in range between $7 to $10 cash per person depending on the park.

Summer Festivals and Fairs

North Georgia knows how to deliver a festival to the locals and visitors, no matter the theme or summer month. This area features some eclectic and expansive festivals and fairs that the whole family can enjoy, or you can simply head out for a date night. A bonus to visiting a festival while you’re in town is you don’t need to do anything extravagant; you can arrive as you are and enjoy the moment.

This area features some delicious local dining, otherworldly folk art, and unforgettable live music and entertainment. A few fun and inviting festivals and fairs to consider are the Creative Arts Guild Festival, Mountain Fling, Painted Fern Festival, Butternut Creek Festival, and Mariette Art in the Park.

Rock City at Lookout Mountain

Rock City at Lookout Mountain is another unique outdoor adventure spot with climbing, hiking, and an impressive nursery. Here, visitors can enjoy some of the area’s best nature offerings with exclusive access to winding trails, one-of-a-kind rock formations, and quintessential floral views. Seeking an unforgettable memory at Rock City? Consider hiking to Lover’s Leap where you can look out at seven different states at one time.

Visit an Outdoor Playground

An outdoor playground might sound like it’s only for kids, but the good news is the playgrounds in North Georgia feature family fun for everyone. The zipline parks in the area take you on journeys through the lush green woods with enchanting mountain views. Depending on which outdoor playground you choose, you can also enjoy water activities such as tubing, kayaking, and much more. Common places to visit include Sunburst Adventures and Nacoochee Adventures.

Choosing which fun summer activity to do in North Georgia can be difficult when so many are available. With this list of ideas, you can narrow your list to a variety that is best for your family. Nevaeh Cabin Rentals offers luxury cabins in North Georgia for the area’s most comfortable accommodations with superior customer service and outstanding reviews.

We build and manage all our cabins with excellence and care, so you can trust your stay with us will be one-of-a-kind. Partner with us today to learn more about your reservation options and other fun activities in the area!

8 Fun Summer Activities To Do in North Georgia

Owning and renting your beloved cabin is a unique luxury for those who invest. These properties, though beautiful, come with a few distinct demands that require continuous business-minded evolutions, like changing or updating the space. The good news is that updating the cabin can offer great value to your monthly returns. We’ll take a closer look at the benefits of making your cabin rental more luxurious so you can achieve all your goals.

Improved Cabin Reputation

A luxury vibe can do wonders for your cabin’s reputation, and you’ll reap many benefits through your reviews. When future renters look at past renters’ opinions on your space and get the impression that the cabin is upscale and suits their needs, they are more inclined to rent your space. Don’t underestimate the power of a solid review and luxury finishes!

Increased Rental Profits

With astounding reviews comes increased rental profits, which can occur in a few ways. First, you can charge more for rentals. A luxury property requires more investing, and you can offset them in your rates. The second way you can increase your profits is through reviews. With a profound reputation built on reviews, you’ll receive more bookings and increase the margins on your space.

Attract a Different Clientele

It’s no secret that an extravagant environment can attract luxury-seeking clientele. Vacationers have distinct needs, especially for the quality of their residences. Some people want a luxury cabin to feel like they’re at home. Others have no preferences, so if you’re looking to attract new renters, enhance the property’s extravagance. Adding new finishes, trendy designs, and even a fresh coat of paint can really make a difference. Don’t forget—this will boost your profits!

Enhanced Cabin Value

Aside from positive monthly returns and new renters, a significant benefit of making your cabin rental more luxurious is enhancing the property’s value. A luxury space will require regular maintenance, advanced features, and updated appliances.

This can only mean one thing for the cabin: increased property value. Typically, one small investment can create a relatively large asset return, so don’t be afraid to invest when and wherever possible for long-term value.

Nevaeh Cabin Rentals has an exclusive partnership with premier log cabin builders in North Georgia who can bring your luxury visions to life. Our builders at Wolf Creek are the area’s leaders for cabin builds and updates. Partner with us today to discuss your dream luxury cabin!

You’ll be happy to know the wardrobe and cabin essentials are relatively straightforward here in North Georgia when it’s time to pack your bags for your summer vacation in the mountains. With warm summer air, fresh, lush foliage, and an abundance of things to do, your packing list shouldn’t overwhelm you or be too challenging. Get things started on the right foot with this brief packing guide!

Why It’s Important To Pack Right for the Summer

The summer season is an adventure-packed part of everyone’s life—from outdoor hikes, traveling, and swimming at the local watering hole to lounging by the fire after sunset. But none of these things are maximally enjoyable without the proper attire and essentials.

Some activities may need a swimsuit, others a flannel, and all of them will require a smile and a positive attitude. Packing your bags for a summer in the mountains is personal, but knowing where to begin can make a difference in comfort and willingness to participate.

Your Essential Apparel Needs

Apparel essentials may be personal depending on your planned activities and travel intentions, but in general, you can expect your wardrobe to mirror the following basics:

You might also consider bringing along an outfit or two to hit the town. Blue Ridge and the surrounding area are full of local favorites and one-of-a-kind dining and shopping. Bring your preferred night out-on-the-town attire so you’re ready to enjoy all that North Georgia has to offer.

Don’t Forget About Footwear

You’ll generally want closed-toe footwear and an additional pair of shoes for meandering. Throughout the North Georgia area and on all your many adventures, you’ll find uneven terrain.

You’ll want something on your feet that helps keep you grounded and stable. A pair of hiking shoes or boots, sneakers with quality tread, or your preferred hiking sandals are all great options. You might also want a pair of comfortable indoor shoes for cabin lounging, allowing your feet to slip into something cozy.

Cabin Essentials

Each cabin will include a small list of essentials, but you’ll need to review the cabin rental agreement form to understand what is and is not included. Then, you can determine the length of your stay to help you understand the type of cabin essentials you’ll want to bring. A few common items include snacks and drinks of choice, can openers, if necessary, grill essentials, if applicable, personal care items, and extra towels for jacuzzies or swimming.

At Nevaeh Cabin Rentals, we can’t wait to serve you during your summer in the mountains. The North Georgia area is full of experiences, thrills, and opportunities for rejuvenation, and we know with this packing list, you’ll have everything you need and more to enjoy your time to the fullest. Partner with us today to book your summer cabin stay!

Summertime in North Georgia is full of outdoor adventure and enthusiasm, with alluring lush trails and superior weather. Filling your itinerary with local favorites, delicious food, handcrafted art, and rich history is easy when visiting the Blue Ridge area. But finding a unique spot to take a swim and cool off can also fill your Georgia cup. We took the time to explore eight refreshing and inviting swimming holes in North Georgia that you should check out, so you have an idea of where to go when you’re ready to cool off. Let’s go!

Denton Branch Falls

Denton Branch Falls conveniently sits near the North Carolina and Georgia state lines in Tate City. Here, travelers can expect to experience a lovely hike full of wooded foliage and forest sounds, with a pit stop to the cascading waters.

Denton Branch offers a wading creek and a small pool for your choosing. But because the area is wooded, shady, and hike friendly, you’ll want to consider visiting this swimming hole on the warmest days. On the drive to Denton Branch, you’ll come across many cascading falls, making it appear like you’ve arrived. These falls share water with the Tallulah River, creating one of the state’s most picturesque drives.

High Shoals Falls

Located in Dallas, Georgia—not to be confused with Dallas, Texas—is High Shoals Falls. This location requires a short walk from the parking lot to the actual swimming hole and offers visitors cascading falls, a refreshing hole, and a fun creek to explore. What’s fun about the creek is you can climb, sit, or play to your heart’s desire.

You may run into an old graveyard when you arrive at the location site. Don’t be alarmed. Follow the trail near the headstones about a quarter of a mile, and you’ll begin hearing the water. The waterfall has an estimated vertical of 300 feet. Though the area is more water-friendly and less hiker-friendly, you may enjoy exploring the area while there.

Panther Creek Falls

Panther Creek Falls is a truly unique gem as it requires a bit of a hike before the expansive shoreline and swimming hole. After parking, you’ll need to walk about three and a half miles before discovering the beauty of the falls.

This location sits inside Panther Creek Recreation Area, and it’s typically best to consider an overnight visit to avoid missing out or cutting your experience short. Panther Creek is one of the state’s most popular swimming holes, so plan and prepare diligently before you visit.

Gober Beach

Gober Beach is expansive and gorgeous, offering visitors space to relax or play. Gober requires a little back-road ride through Canton and Ballground before you find the parking lot and reach your destination. This beach shares the Etowah River and is an excellent location for kayakers and canoers. With ample parking and a beautiful water stream, this is an ideal location for the whole family—everyone can enjoy the experience. You can expect waist-deep pools, streams, and rocky beaches for a full day of fun.

The back-road ride is a little different. So, it’s best to follow I-575 to Airport Road and go south. Take GA-5 from there and make your way to East Cherokee Drive. East Cherokee will take you down to the river, and the kayak-canoe launch pad area is just before the bridge on the left.

Sweetwater Creek State Park

A little south of Blue Ridge but relatively close to Atlanta is the delightful treat of Sweetwater Creek State Park. This spot is one of the most refreshing swimming holes in North Georgia, worth checking out as it’s a hot spot for all things summer and adventure. There is a 215-acre reservoir perfect for fishing, in addition to the park’s rental services, from boats and kayaks to canoes and pedal boats, and much more.

The state park makes for an excellent weekend in the wilderness, and many visitors consider arriving in an RV to ensure they make the most of their time. The park features a refreshing and expansive swimming hole, campgrounds, fishing docks, a visitor’s center, a museum and gift shop, event rooms, yurts, and more. Sweetwater is a true summertime vision!

Amicalola River Trail

Amicalola River Trail, or the Edge of the World Trail, is a true gem in Georgia, worthy of everyone’s bucket list. Take Highway 53 north to the east side of the river and find a place to park. After parking and gathering your things, the trail will lead you to the river where you’ll find rushing whitewater and lush wooded trails.

The state’s invested time and energy into pressure treating the trails so they’ll meet all visitors’ physical needs along the way, though more work could be done. Once you reach the river at the base of the treated trail, you’ll find Lower Amicalola. Here you can fish, swim, and enjoy the swimming hole.

Watson Mill Bridge State Park

Watson Mill Bridge State Park is better known for its slides and not necessarily for swimming. However, because it’s an incredibly fun experience for all visitors, it’s worth knowing about. This location is ideal for families with kids as they can spend the whole day sliding down the slippery rocks into the swimming hole. The rushing waters sweep you away, but the pool is shallow enough to be safe regardless of your swimming talents.

Dicks Creek Falls

Dicks Creek Falls, or Falls on Water Creek, is a great little secluded spot. However, it’s essential to note that a visit here will cost you your cell service as it’s quite a bit away from any residential or commercial structure.

Plan your trip to Dicks Creek wisely with snacks, water, a first aid kit, and an adventurous spirit. Here, you can play at the top or the bottom of the falls, as long as you’re careful. The area is scenic with lush forestry and riverbanks, so it’s well worth the lack of cell service.

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8 Refreshing Swimming Holes in North Georgia To Check Out