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One of the perks of owning a vacation rental is having the ability to provide experiences to travelers and vacationers from all over the world. There is a lot to be said about providing an affordable, cozy place to call home for a few days in a new place. You can provide your guests with a truly one-of-a-kind experience by greeting them with a small token of appreciation. Here are a few ideas!

A Gift Certificate to a Featured Restaurant Nearby

Gift certificates still hold a lot of value in terms of impressing your guests. They also help the restaurants near your vacation rental and support the local community by bringing in new customers. Not only are gift certificates valuable to your guests, but they give them a warm welcome to explore the area and enjoy their getaway fully.

A Goody Basket with Snacks

Filling a basket in their room with miniature snacks and drinks provides guests with an excellent welcome. Everyone loves free food of any nature, so adding a few tasty treats to their cabin with a handwritten note is an easy way to leave a lasting impression. The good news is this is a relatively affordable go-to idea because you can buy snack-sized boxes in bulk and serve guests to come.

A Custom Cabin Keepsake

If you have more financial means and want to offer something elevated, invest in custom cabin keepsakes, such as drinkware, embroidered hand towels, or pillowcases. What’s unique about these items is your guests can use them in the cabin, at home, or for any other travel they do.

Consider embroidering or engraving your cabin logo, theme, or an environmentally appropriate icon. Your guests will always remember their stay every time they reuse this keepsake.

A Handcrafted Candle with a Custom Label

Nowadays, you can collect candles at a relatively affordable price, and you can elevate the candle however you wish—from wood wicks to three-wicks to wax type. Once you determine the best type of candle to offer, create custom labels that speak to your cabin, location, or general quotes about vacationing.

Your guests will love having a candle to take home and burn, but remember to include instructions about its use inside your vacation rental. For example, you may not want them leaving any lit candles unattended for safety reasons.

A Vacation-Appropriate Incentive

Depending on the location of your vacation rental and the time of year, you can welcome your guests with a vacation-appropriate incentive gift. Items such as coupons to local attractions or excursion packages to nearby events can boost the local economy and provide your guests with opportunities to enjoy experiences they may not have otherwise known about. Also, consider partnering with the vendors for long-term relationships and future discounts.

Nevaeh Cabin Rentals is one of the leading property management companies in Georgia. We can see to it that your vacation rentals are ready for each guest with the welcome gift of your choice. Regardless of what you choose, a simple greeting is sure to leave a lasting impression.

When it’s time to think about your next grand investment, consider a cabin vacation rental property. These properties come with a lot of work, time, and energy, but with the right team and guidance, you can be on your way to the adventure of a lifetime as a property owner. In this article, we discuss a few dos and don’ts of budgeting for the property to ensure you’re on the path with the most success and award-winning renter experiences.

The Dos for Your Vacation Rental

Designing an ideal budget for your vacation rental can be challenging. How do you decide what is worthy of your hard-earned money? We rounded up a great list of things you should consider without hesitation to ensure you optimize your rental and maximize your profits. These things are flexible on your wallet, so you can invest as you deem necessary, or as it pertains to the cabin itself.

Do Invest in a Property Management Company

Investing in a property management company is one of the best things you can do for a cabin vacation rental. This ensures a smooth transition between guests and allows you to enjoy the fruits of your asset from a distance. If you love the area but don’t live across town, the management company is your liaison to ensuring the cabin receives the immediate attention it deserves.

Additionally, a trusted management company like Nevaeh Cabin Rentals remains on-site to maintain overall guest satisfaction. Still, it acts as your voice and partner when anything inside the cabin needs addressing. In most instances, you hold the power as the property owner, but Nevaeh bridges the gap between the renter and the owner.

Do Consider a Small Marketing Expense

Your management company will handle a lot of your listing details and play middleman, but it’s advantageous to consider a small marketing expense. This is something you can manage on your own that will help showcase your cabin’s vacancy and best features. But you will need to maintain strict oversight to ensure you are displaying accurate information from an availability standpoint.

You don’t need to overpay for the marketing experience, but you should set aside just enough to meet your needs. Another way to do this is through social media. Nowadays, a lot of your growth can happen organically through a social platform. Consider using the platform that your ideal audience uses the most. If you don’t have a specific targeted audience, use the platform that benefits your reach.

Do Consider the Local Attractions

The Blue Ridge area is an incredibly unique, niche location that is worth every second for tourists. The fortunate aspect is that as a cabin owner, you can charge what your cabin is worth and include any upcharges for the area. If you know of events for the area and local attractions drawing in guests, consider charging for those experiences.

In contrast, you can decrease your cabin’s price for a specific event or period if you feel you will receive increased bookings. Always charge what your cabin is worth as a baseline, but do consider local attractions, events, and the area’s features to ensure you are receiving adequate compensation on overall guest experiences.

The Don’ts for Your Vacation Rental

There are also a handful of things you must not do when budgeting your cabin rental. These things can dramatically impact your overall retention and expenses. Not every part of your cabin rental will need money; some things just need your time. As a vacation rental owner, you know that time is money. With this list of don’ts, you can allocate your resources accordingly to ensure overall guest satisfaction and optimized bookings.

Don’t Neglect the Property

Hiring a management company does not mean you can sit out on the property. Neglecting the property can lead to a host of issues, including a disconnect in communication, upkeep demands, maintenance needs, and landscaping preferences. You must remember that you are the owner of the vacation cabin, and how it looks will reflect your taste—and not that of the management company.

Consider visiting the vacation cabin at least once a month if your bookings are full. This way, you can spend time walking through the property to make lists for updates and repairs or simply enjoy the asset. Routine visits are an opportunity to fine-tune your offering and ensure you deliver the best vacation experience possible.

Don’t Overspend on Furnishing Features

You want to make your space appealing, full of character, and unique to your offering. But if you don’t set a firm budget for furnishings, you may overspend. The problem with overspending on furnishing features is how much you care about them, as well as the risk of damage.

Chances are, when you invest a lot into a specific object, you will care greatly about how it is used in the space or if damage occurs. Try to find the item you love in a less expensive version, so it’s not difficult to replace or repair in a pinch. It’s good to remember that each furnishing element can see hundreds of guests, so it’s not intended to be what you like, and it should serve a functional purpose instead.

Don’t Overbook the Cabin

With a proper and reliable management company, you can avoid this issue altogether. But there may be times when you book the cabin for friends or family, causing you to potentially overbook it. Overbooking creates chaos for all parties and can hinder your ability to secure future guests.

You must remember that your cabin is subject to public review after each stay, so any scheduling snafu can dramatically impact these outcomes. Coordinate all bookings with the company you hired to run the vacation rental and ensure there is a clean, concise process for managing the overlap. Try to avoid booking check-ins and check-outs too close together, and be mindful of those guests who requested an early check-in on a stay if there is already an existing guest.

Our log cabin builders in North Georgia are Blue Ridge’s leading supplier of cabin vacation rentals and builds. Partner with our team to begin planning your dream cabin and let Nevaeh manage the property.

Dos and Don'ts of Budgeting Your Cabin Vacation Rental

The holiday season is not complete without a trip to a light festival. These displays and festivals feature the right amounts of holiday joy and spirit to get you in the mood and bring the family together. So, where and when do you go? We rounded up the best holiday lights displays in North Georgia you must add to your bucket list this holiday.

Lights of Life

Lights of Life happens from November 25 to December 31 at Life University. This is the oldest lights display and festival that Atlanta has to offer, and it only became popular by word of mouth. Located in Marietta, you can experience interactive holiday-themed displays, a large Santa and sleigh display, and miles of festive, bright lights scattered all over campus.

Light Up Blue Ridge

To attend Light Up Blue Ridge, you’ll want to book your stay at our log cabin rentals in Georgia now. Reservations fill fast as this festival only happens on November 26 and 27.

Located in downtown Blue Ridge, you can experience special events, interactive displays, small shops, and a lot of entertainment. This is the perfect way to kick off your holiday season.

Enchanted Garden of Lights

The Enchanted Garden of Lights sits on Lookout Mountain. Here, you can enjoy a winter wonderland garden with interactive displays and scenes fit for holiday cheer.

In every direction you turn, you will be greeted with sparkling LED lights and festive decorations. People love visiting the Enchanted Garden every year and enjoying the activities they offer.

Old Fashioned Christmas

Old Fashioned Christmas in Dahlonega, Georgia, is a unique holiday tradition worth visiting. The festival runs several weeks throughout the holiday season so you can make time to enjoy the festivities anytime between November 26 and January 9. The town decorates its oldest buildings from the 19th century for the season and offers an exciting Christmas Market, carriage rides, and a visit with Santa himself.

Garden Lights, Holiday Nights

Located in Atlanta, Garden Lights, Holiday Lights is well worth the quick car ride from Blue Ridge. This lights festival is inside the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and offers over 30 acres of festive illumination, with bright colors and botanical-themed sites.

The fan-favorite lights tunnel is a returning feature that you can look forward to this season. The tunnel stretches roughly 100 feet and houses a dynamic, interactive light experience.

North Georgia offers many opportunities to see holiday lights and spread cheer. Book your stay at Nevaeh Cabin Rentals today to reserve your spot and participate in these one-of-a-kind festivals. We look forward to your stay this holiday season!

Nothing starts your morning off right like the perfect breakfast spot. Here in Blue Ridge, there are many unique places to sit and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee or tea and some delicious eats. Start your mornings with something scrumptious from one of these top spots that will make your getaway even more memorable.

Bin 322 Wine Bar

Bin 322 is a one-of-a-kind spot that offers more than just breakfast. On Sundays, you can enjoy a jazz brunch featuring the award-winning, decadent Bread Pudding French Toast. This is the spot for you if you like to start your day with a rejuvenating mimosa.

Bumblebee’s Café

Blue Ridge tourists have been stopping at Bumblebee’s for years and years. Here, you can enjoy some old-fashioned, comforting, and nourishing breakfast options, like country-fried steak, omelets, and breakfast sandwiches. If you plan to enjoy this delicious menu, it’s best to get up bright and early because they only serve food daily from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Pete’s Place

When visiting Blue Ridge as a family, Pete’s Place is the breakfast spot for you. This family restaurant caters to the family crowd and offers a full menu with pancakes, omelets, biscuits, and much more. If you aren’t keen on the menu, feel free to use the “create your own menu” option to build a custom breakfast where you can pick and choose your favorite options.

Yellow Bird Coffee

For a small adventure to grab a coffee, head to Yellow Bird Coffee in Copperhill, TN. It’s one of the most popular small shops tourists and locals find themselves at. Here, you can grab a hot cup of delicious coffee with a small pastry to accompany it, making this the most ideal spot for an early morning before a day of adventure. The coffee shop sits along the river, so head to the patio and watch the sunrise!

Das Kaffee Haus

A truly unique experience with an even better menu awaits at Das Koffee Haus. It is easily one of the top breakfast spots in Blue Ridge, as it offers a one-of-a-kind menu with authentic European cuisine. Start your day with a specialty coffee and a scrumptious truffle on the patio overlooking the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. This is a quick way to start the day when you have an itinerary full of exploration.

All these and more are easily accessible from our luxurious Blue Ridge log cabin rentals. Reserve your beds with Nevaeh Cabin Rentals today and embark on memorable adventures and remarkable menus.

Accommodating guests in your rental cabin comes with a unique set of challenges. You want to provide them with a luxurious space to nestle into while on vacation. However, it’s essential they follow the rules you set out to help maintain the space and keep the cabin intact. There are a variety of things you can use as a basis for your guidelines, but tailoring the rules to meet the needs of every guest is your top responsibility. Let’s discuss eight of the most common rental cabin rules you can use for all your guests!

No Events or Large Gatherings

Not allowing events or large gatherings is a considerable rule to set. This choice will eliminate the potential for strangers to enter the space and also control the activities within it.

Depending on the space, neighbors, and overall design aesthetics, it may not be feasible to encourage large groups of people to party. Accidents happen, and events or large gatherings occurring unbeknownst to you can increase the risk of cleaning and maintenance issues. Always designate a limit for how many guests the cabin can host at a time.

No Smoking Allowed

There is nothing worse than entering a rented space and encountering the smell of lingering smoke. While it’s fine for your guests to choose to smoke, ensure the rules explicitly designate smoking areas or a required distance from the property. Any guest entering the space could have an allergy or sensitivity to these activities. By prohibiting smoking within or near the cabin, you can rule out avoidable mishaps with future guests.

Clearly label areas where you will allow smoking so that there is no debate about where they should go. Ensure the smoke detectors work inside the cabin so that the devices can alert you and the guests to any smoke.

Registered Guests Only

Similar to not allowing events or large gatherings, you likely want to make a point to prohibit non-registered guests from staying in the cabin. This way, only those that sign the cabin rental agreement forms can stay in the space. This rule ensures that you still have some control over who comes and goes, in addition to being able to hold someone accountable should an accident occur.

You may not want pets in your rental cabin, and that’s a personal preference. But if you intend to prohibit pets of any kind, make that known with the reserved guests-only segment of your rental agreement forms. It’s common for people to travel with their family pets last minute, especially if they don’t see anything about pets in the policies and agreements. Include this information in the rules to ensure you cover your bases.

Adhere To Check-In & Checkout Guidelines

If your rental cabin is a busy place with continuous reservations, it’s vital for guests to adhere to the check-in and checkout guidelines you set for them. By keeping this timetable intact, you can ensure the cabin receives prompt cleaning in between guests and that there is enough time to address damages or upgrades.

There are instances where a guest may request flexibility surrounding their arrival or departure. You may make accommodations to create a smooth customer experience, but you should build these timing deviations into the neighboring reservations.

Respect Property Amenities

Respecting the property’s amenities is an obvious rule to outline. But you must reiterate this fact to maintain a transparent expectation and experience. This section is where you can build in a clause about damages or accidents and the expenses associated with such instances.

Additionally, respecting property amenities extends beyond furniture and linens. Ensure you include all property amenities, from shared public spaces, keys, parking areas, and the grounds as a whole. By including everything in one sweep, you ensure the guests remain at an increased awareness about their conduct on the property.

No Illegal Substances Allowed

Given that the cabin is a rental and you remain the property owner regardless of who sleeps in the beds at night, you need to do your best to avoid issues with the authorities. By not outlining the rules and guidelines around substance abuse, you potentially open the door to trouble.

Set boundaries regarding all drugs and alcohol and explain the consequences in print should they engage in illegal activity on the property. Once the renter signs the agreement forms, they are subject to fines should they disregard the rules. You can also set the fine relatively high to help avoid these issues. Cabin renters rarely want to pay absurd fees or fines.

Be Mindful of Climate Control Settings

Some of the rules you set for your rental cabin are big hitters. These rules are non-negotiable and not to be taken lightly, including monetary consequences and involving the authorities. But other rules, while less intense, can make a significant difference for you as the rental owner. For example, you can create boundaries around the cabin’s climate control to help combat excessively high utility costs.

As the property owner, you know best the needs of the air conditioning and heating. Use these references as the baseline to explain to your guests the best temperature ranges for time periods and weather conditions.

You can include rules regarding climate control settings in the agreement forms. You’ll then want to include a more detailed explanation inside the cabin to help guests adhere to the set rules.

Please Discard All Trash

Including a rule about trash is a courtesy to you or your cleaning crew, especially if you have a rotating door of guests and limited time in between. You may also charge a cleaning fee, but don’t feel bad for forcing your guests to be courteous with their waste.

This rule can also help cut back on germ exposure for the cleaners, whether you hire professionals or do it yourself. You can encourage guests to remove trash from the cabin by clearly marking the best places to discard their waste and providing ample opportunity to follow through.

Here at Nevaeh Cabin Rentals, we are committed to providing exceptional experiences to every guest in one of our properties. Partner with us for all your rental cabin management needs and enjoy the benefits of owning a cabin from a distance. We hope these eight valuable rules help you create an enjoyable stay for all your cabin guests.

One of the most exciting things about Blue Ridge, GA, and the surrounding area is watching the leaves turn into vibrant orange, yellow, and red hues. It’s a thrill to experience, but finding the best place to gaze can be tricky with so many locations to visit. We rounded up the five most amazing spots near Blue Ridge to witness the trees enter their fall foliage era. Let’s go!

Vogel State Park

Vogel State Park makes the list due to its historical roots in Georgia. Vogel was one of the first parks to make a home for itself in Georgia and features rich Depression-era history with immaculate views.

The park sits at the bottom of Blood Mountain near one of the highest peaks, Brasstown Bald. Many fall hikers enjoy Vogel State Park for the expansive foliage views and interactive history at the Civilian Conversation Corp Museum.

Looking Glass Rock Overlook

Looking Glass Rock Overlook is a treat, regardless of whether you prefer to hike the route or be still and take it all in. No matter which direction you look, you’ll receive a prime view of the fall foliage that runs deep through the mountains. The hike to the top of the overlook is for more experienced climbers, but the views are worth it for those who attempt it.

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway is a must-do experience regardless of the season. Ridingt the railway is truly one of the most amazing ways to enjoy the fall foliage and get the whole family to soak in the sights and sounds of Blue Ridge. The train takes you through a four-hour-long ride along the Toccoa River and provides beautiful views of crisp fall foliage, relaxation, and an open-air adventure.

Grandfather Mountain

The Blue Ridge Mountains stretch across various states along the East Coast, and some of the best views are just outside of Blue Ridge. In Linville, North Carolina, you can visit Grandfather Mountain, with lush fall foliage and hues only Grandfather Mountain can create.

The rusty reds and browns, warm oranges and yellows, and deep purples are the perfect way to welcome fall and seasonal change. There is a lot of diversity in plant life here.

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell delivers an immersive 360-degree view of the fall foliage. Various hiking trails are available to find the perfect view, so ensure you pack appropriate footwear and plenty of water.

There’s also a paved road for those not looking to hike the more rustic routes, so this is an ideal way to get smaller children in on the views. At the end of the paved road is an observation deck that offers views of a landscape as far as 100 miles in any direction.

Understandably, enjoying the views and living in them are two different experiences. You can call Blue Ridge home with our custom cabin builders in Georgia. Reach out to us here at Nevaeh Cabin Rentals to learn more about the ways you can enjoy the fall foliage, whether on vacation or during a long-term stay. We look forward to showing you all there is to offer in our picturesque mountains!

Every year, Halloween enthusiasts travel near and far in search of the spookiest, most iconic spots to fill their buckets with thrill, fear, and fright. Here in North Georgia, there are many places worth visiting that can help you achieve this goal and leave you ready for more. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to visit in North Georgia this Halloween for those in a spooky mood!

Lake Lanier

You’re probably wondering why you would need to visit a lake to enjoy spooky season. Well, Lake Lanier is known as the deadliest lake in the country.

Depending on where you stand with ghosts and ghouls, you may get to experience a chill or two while visiting the lakeside. Since 1990, over 200 people have died at the lake. And since the lake’s creation in 1956, that number has jumped to more than 700. To say the lake is haunted would be an understatement.

Windsor Hotel

Nestled into the small town of Americus is the Windsor Hotel, built in 1892. This Victorian-style home and hotel is the location where a mother and daughter were thrown down the elevator shaft to their death. It is believed that their ghosts remain at the property, and guests have reported hearing screams in the hallways that mimicked that of a small girl.

Moon River Brewing

Moon River Brewing is a relatively popular attraction, regardless of its spooks and thrills. This unique brewing company now resides in what used to be Savannah’s most haunted hotel, The City Hotel. The original location was a Civil War hospital, which also served as a medical center for those with Yellow Fever. In 1832, a drunken troublemaker was shot by Dr. Minus, and to this day, employees and guests of Moon River Brewing claim his presence lingers as he continues to thrive as a common bar nuisance.

Oakland Cemetery

A must-visit on your spooky tour in North Georgia is the Oakland Cemetery. This is the home of the city’s largest and oldest burial grounds, and resting here are roughly 70,000 people, where 3,000 or more were soldiers who died in gory battles.

The reports from those that visit claim they have seen soldiers hanging out by the trees or simply wandering the cemetery grounds. Many of those who have experienced some of the most traumatic deaths in North Georgia have been laid to rest in the Oakland Cemetery, making this one of the spookiest places to visit this Halloween.

Ellis Hotel

The Ellis Hotel is home to one of the most haunted hotel sites in Georgia. Located in Atlanta, the Ellis Hotel was formerly the site of the deadliest fire of its kind. Guests and visitors alike report hearing screams, lingering smoke smells, and ghostlike figures appearing in windowpanes. Other reports claim guests can hear the fire alarm sounding around the same time as the fire alarm from the 1946 disaster.

Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime? Head to North Georgia this Halloween to visit one or more of these spooky sites, and be sure to book your extended stay in one of our Blue Ridge log cabin rentals. We offer a home-away-from-home environment with a luxury twist and can help you fill your itinerary with ghosts and chills. Contact Nevaeh Cabin Rentals today!

Once your rental cabin is ready for guests, there will come a time when you need to decide if you will allow pets or not. Eventually, you will run across a reservation where the guests request to bring their beloved pet, so it’s beneficial to nail down these guidelines straight away.

In this article, we help you curate a pet-friendly rental cabin and provide insight on how to make this happen. If you feel stressed about the process, don’t worry; it’s easier than you think. And remember, the more accommodating your rental is, the better your business will perform.

Take the Necessary Precautions

Allowing animals means you should take the necessary precautions before their arrival. For many, an easy action you can take before the arrival of a pet is requesting a non-refundable deposit. You can use this deposit later should the rental cabin experience any minor breaks or damages.

In addition to an upfront non-refundable deposit, outline your pet policies in the booking form to ensure that your guests know the guidelines before arrival. If they feel they can’t abide by the rules, they may look elsewhere, but generally, these will protect you and them from snafus during their stay.

Set Clear Expectations and Boundaries

It’s critical to be clear about your expectations and boundaries. If you don’t want dogs on the furniture, cats on the carpet, or pet food on your good china, make all of this known in the contract. You can also create a bulleted list of expectations, laminate it, and put it on a cabinet so that your guests can read the rules during their stay. It’s easy for visitors to read the contract, get busy vacationing, and let the rules slip their minds. You can eliminate mid-stay confusion by covering all your bases.

If you find that you enjoy having a pet-friendly rental but your cabin can’t accommodate it, you can perform some minor upgrades and renovations to create a space for pets and cut down on the damages. Generally, you should avoid carpets in your pet-friendly rental cabin. But things like parameter fencing, easy-clean flooring, and gates can help the guests and their pets have an easier time following your boundaries.

Pet Proof the Rental Cabin

Many people consider pet-proofing a rental cabin while they design the layout and add the finishing touches. But sometimes, pet-proofing comes after accepting pets a few times and realizing what does and doesn’t work.

Always consider every aspect of the cabin, flooring, furniture, exterior amenities, decorations, and accent pieces. If you’re worried about a tail whipping a vintage lamp off the end table, it might be best to consider swapping it for a less expensive item.

A few other things to consider when focusing on pet-proofing include:

Accommodate Their Outdoor Needs

One of the best ways to create a pet-friendly rental cabin is to accommodate the exterior of the cabin. This includes a fence, play area, or any other outdoor offerings your property can sustain. While many of these things may come at a price, the investment is well worth your while after you factor in the number of guests you can take on with your pet-friendly space.

Travelers love taking their dogs on vacation because it’s easier than finding a pet sitter or paying for boarding at a kennel. Many pet owners would rather travel with their pets and let them explore the new area than shell out the funds to leave the animals behind. If you can advertise that your cabin is suitable for a pet, you will find that your rental profits will soar.

Another way to accommodate them is to provide ample support for their pet. What does this mean? If you take the time to create a bulleted list of rules for the cabin, go ahead and create a pet-friendly guide on places they can take their four-legged friends. Nearby parks, restaurants that accept pets, stores that allow leashed pets, a litter box, or pee pads can all make guests more comfortable and give their furry companions something to look forward to.

Keep a Stash of Pet Treats

If your guests are taking the time to align themselves with a pet-friendly rental cabin, it’s pretty safe to assume their pet means a lot to them. Consider having a stash of pet treats at their disposal to show compassion and score a positive review.

Sometimes these small acts can go a long way with guests. It might feel like you don’t need to go this extra mile after having accommodated the space to their pet and providing any other extras, like pee pads or an outdoor play area. But a treat for your guest’s pet will make it feel welcome, special, and loved.

Earn Big With Loyal Customers by Being Pet Friendly

Accepting non-pet guests is one thing, but creating a pet-friendly rental cabin will open a new market for your business and allow you to take on a guest of any accommodation. With many travelers now looking to skip the kennel process altogether, you can earn big by being a safe space for guests to bring their pets. This is the fastest way to increase retention and a loyal customer base.

When the guests check out, there is a chance they will share their experience with other pet people, and word of mouth goes a long way with travel and staying arrangements. Welcoming pets into your vacation rental is one of the best ways to remain at the top of the search engine and keep the bookings scheduled. However, try to block out enough time between each guest to ensure adequate cleaning.

When you work with our property management company in Georgia, you can rest assured that your rental cabin will be ready for all your guests and furry friends. We meet your needs wherever you are and ensure the property can readily welcome pets. Contact Nevaeh Cabin Rentals today to learn more about our property management features.

How To Keep Your Rental Cabin Pet Friendly

The Blue Ridge Mountains are home to some of the nation’s most breathtaking landscapes and charming towns. A trip to North Georgia means you’re in for a beautiful adventure. But there are so many destinations to visit it can be challenging to know where to start. We created this quick guide to our five favorite Blue Ridge Mountains towns here!

Blue Ridge, Georgia

Blue Ridge is Georgia’s most charming and popular small mountain town. It features upscale dining, local vineyards and breweries, eclectic shopping experiences, and entertainment galore.

For those who love the outdoors and different activities, Blue Ridge is the go-to destination. It has excellent access points to one-of-a-kind locations. Hiking, horseback riding, waterfalls, or kayaking—Blue Ridge, Georgia has you covered!

Dahlonega, Georgia

For the perfect mountain getaway, head to Dahlonega, Georgia. This historic location features a busy downtown area, an excellent fine arts and entertainment scene, and an abundance of outdoor experiences.

You can explore local vineyards and wineries, go on tasting tours, and eat at some of Georgia’s most delicious restaurants. If you head down for the winter, visit North Georgia Christmas Tree farms, where you can pick and cut your own tree.

Ellijay, Georgia

Ellijay is the hub for all things apples. Ellijay is best known as the Apple Capital of Georgia because its festivals feature locally grown, crisp apples. There are a few apple orchards to choose from in addition to apple picking and tons of live entertainment. If that’s not enough, there are excellent trails for hiking and quaint antique shops waiting for you in the downtown area.

Hiawassee, Georgia

Hiawassee sits on the border of North Georgia and North Carolina. It is full of vibrant hues and breathtaking views. You can pass through the town on your travels, or you can stop and enjoy the quaintness.

Take a hike in Bell Mountain and find your way to the top, where a series of waterfalls crash down roughly 300 feet. When you finish the hike, head over to the Hamilton Botanical Gardens and experience over 3,000 plants and the state’s most elaborate collection of rhododendrons.

Blairsville, Georgia

If you’re seeking small-town charm, Blairsville is the ultimate small-town, measuring at only 1.1 square miles with a population of roughly 600. And though not many seem to live here, it’s an excellent destination for travelers because of its views of the mountains and tremendous hikes.

You can’t go wrong with these five notable Blue Ridge Mountain towns. To experience these locations and much more, book your stay in one of our luxury cabins in North Georgia. Nevaeh Cabin Rentals offers you a home away from home conveniently located in the heart of the mountains.

We look forward to your visit!

Finding ways to cool off during your mountain getaway is simple here in the heart of North Georgia. The flourishing forest is beautiful with the accommodation of clean lakes and many water activities. Here is a roundup of the top five water activities you can try this summer to create new memories and help you beat the heat.

River Float for The Day

Cool down and regroup on a river float. You can take your whole family for some wind-down time and rent river rafts for as little as six dollars. The Chestatee River is only a short drive from Atlanta, so it’s easy to get to from the cabins. The river is on the tame side, so it’s an excellent option for a family with small kids and can accommodate larger groups.

Scuba Dive at the Quarry

Scuba diving at the quarry is a fun activity if you’re up for a real adventure. This unique, unforgettable experience is affordable and safe, featuring dives from 20 feet up to 155 feet deep. Kraken Springs Waterpark accommodates families and groups and sits just north of Atlanta, making it a quick drive from the cabins. The waters can be chilly, so consider a dry suit.

Paddle Board Yoga

There is yoga in a studio and yoga with goats, but here in North Georgia, we have paddle board yoga. This unique experience is great for a bachelorette weekend or girls’ getaway and combines water play with peaceful rejuvenation. You can put your skills to the test on a paddle board and stretch, breathe, and relax. The good news is if you fall, you’re safe in the water.

Chattooga River Rafting

One of the most popular water activities is rafting down the Chattooga River. Not only is the Chattooga River North Georgia’s most visited destination, but it is world-famous for its whitewater rafting and thrilling rapids. There are places to kayak in calm waters, but traditionally, the rafting experience makes Chattooga fun.

Boating on the Lake

Boating on Lake Rabun is a water activity for those who love to be on the water but don’t necessarily need to be in it. Lake Rabun is in North Georgia near the Tallulah River and offers breathtaking landscape views and some of the area’s most spectacular properties. Spend some time cruising down the water this summer and enjoying all the area has to offer.

Wrapping Up

With all the water activities and summer plans, you need a place to rest and relax between long days. Take a look at our North Georgia vacation rentals for an opportunity to rest your eyes in luxury cabin homes. Reach out to us today to learn more about what we have to offer and the different activities available!