North Georgia holds a special place in the hearts of many people, as the beautiful views and amazing natural wonders in the area make the area very memorable. There are countless rivers and mountains to explore around the state and plenty of outdoor activities wherever you go. One popular activity is fishing, as the lakes and rivers in the area hold a lot of opportunities for fishing. Here are the top fishing spots to check out for yourself.

River/Lake Ocoee

Lake Ocoee and its river are great places for fishing, as nature surrounds them on all sides, giving you some spectacular sights. The river and lake contain plenty of brown and rainbow trout, along with a bunch of largemouth and perch. To better mesh with nature and fishing, you can even contact some log cabin builders in north Georgia for a more permanent residence in the area.

Harrison Bay

Just north of Chattanooga, the Chickamauga Lake holds Harrison Bay State Park. This waterfront offers various locations that make fishing easy while on land or in a boat. From bluegill to sunfish to bass, you can find a wealth of fish in these waters that are ready for you.

Nantahala River

Few places compare with the Nantahala River in the United States when it comes to fishing for trout. With options for kayaking and fishing all along the river, you’ll find the spot for you with little to no issues.

Noontootla Creek

In the Blue Ridge Area, the Noontootla Creek offers a fun fishing spot for people who want to fish without harvesting. The creek has plenty of wild trout for your fishing pleasure, though you can only bring home trout larger than 16 inches.

Toccoa River

The Toccoa River is another one of the top fishing spots to check out in Blue Ridge. The river has nearly bi-weekly restocks of fish during trout season. There are plenty of different fishing options along the river, letting you choose your method of fishing.

These are some of the best options for fishing in north Georgia, though there are plenty of other spots in the area that are equally as good. In north Georgia, you have plenty of freedom to choose anywhere you want.

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