The Appalachian Mountains are a far-reaching range—one that we have to consider as a series of smaller ranges. Along the Tennessee-Georgia border and up through the Carolinas, we know the Appalachians best as the Blue Ridge Mountains, a section of the American Southeast that stands out for its combination of natural beauty and manmade creativity.

This region of the US is too good to keep secret. With the holiday season upon us, there are ways to send our Blue Ridge Mountains around the world—or, better yet, send people here. We’ve picked out three unique holiday gift ideas from the Blue Ridge Mountains that will make “a blue Christmas” anything but sad.

Something Special From Asheville, N.C.

When most Americans think of major North Carolina cities, they think of the banking capital of Charlotte or the thriving college scene of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. However, it’s the western city of Asheville that gives the Tar Heel State its creative spirit. Long an arts colony for bohemians, eccentrics, and folks looking for a fresh start, Asheville produces more than its fair share of fine work—and there’s no doubt that the artists and artisans of Asheville draw upon the Blue Ridge for inspiration. Paintings, wood carvings, stained glass, and more are all there for your consideration.

Blue Ridge Delectables

The specialty shops that dot Asheville, Roanoke, and small towns throughout Tennessee and Georgia may have just the holiday gift you’re looking for. From gourmet chocolates to fruit baskets to wines from the vineyards and wineries of Appalachia, you’re certain to find holiday gifts that will tempt the taste buds. The local variety of barbecue, which relies on a thin, vinegary, mustard-based sauce and a whole lot of pork, is a sure sign of the Blue Ridge Mountains that will land happily on any plate this holiday season.

A Cabin in the Mountains

Forget the keepsakes. Eighty-six the delicious treats. For a truly unique holiday gift idea from the Blue Ridge Mountains, go all out and give yourself and the people you love your very own family getaway. The splendor of the Blue Ridge Mountains isn’t something you can fit under a tree. Rather, you’ll have to fit yourself under the many trees that give the range its characteristic bluish haze. Nevaeh Cabin Rentals makes that possible. We partner with the leading cabin builders in Georgia to provide cozy cabins with modern amenities. With temperate winters and year-round scenic views, a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains is the perfect holiday gift—one so big, you can’t even slap a bow on it.

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