Planning a getaway to a cabin tucked into the mountains is an exciting time. Just like the host plays a role in providing an experience, guests play a role in how well the property can maintain and accommodate all visitors. Due to the revolving door of visits per year, maintaining cabin etiquette is essential before and during your stay. Let’s look at a few ways to be the best cabin guest.

Arriving at the Cabin

When you arrive at your cabin destination, the real fun can begin. But before your rush off to jump on the bed, there are a few things to take into consideration. Something that plays a significant role in guest etiquette is arriving on time. Map out your directions ahead of time and block out enough time for stops along the way.

Additionally, most cabins are quiet places for guests to relax and ease into a break from their day-to-day, so maintaining a sense of control over your behavior is an excellent way to preserve the sanctity of the vacation. Disrupting other guests with rowdy behaviors can deter future visits and leave the hosts a mess to clean up.

Review Property Rules

It’s critical always to review the property rules. These are in place to accommodate the many guests that visit each year, and abiding by them ensures cleanliness, quick turnarounds with the host, and fair rates. Be sure to check for things in the cabin rental policies regarding fireplaces, electronics, pets, and basic amenities.

Before You Leave

Before you depart and head home, the farewell you leave is one of the easiest ways to be the best cabin guest. Though cleaning services begin promptly after you go, cleaning up after yourself ensures that the cleaning protocols are easier to maintain and operate on schedule. Due to many reservations, the hosts stick to a schedule to ensure all cabins are clean for the new guests.

If you’re ready for a getaway, reach out to us at Nevaeh Cabin Rentals, and we can discuss availability and rental policies. We can’t wait to see you!

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