Life gets busy, and you work incredibly hard for your family. That means you also deserve to take a break from time to time and enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, finding something engaging, relaxing, and adventurous doesn’t have to be hard work. So, we created a list of quick day trips to take outside of north Georgia to help you plan the perfect getaway!

Lake Burton

Lake Burton offers the ability to hit the water and melt your troubles away. This small lake sits in an area surrounded by mountains in Georgia’s northeast corner. You can arrive with your own boat for the day, but pontoon rentals are available at various locations nearby.

The waters are crystal blue, so remember to pack your swim gear and take a dip. There is a location in the middle of the lake known as Mr. Water Safety by the locals, which is a popular gathering place.

Lanier Islands

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for everyone, Lanier Islands is the perfect place! You can find golf, hike, zip-line, ride horses, or relax at the beach. It’s a safe place to enjoy the moment and pursue all things vacation. Before you go, ensure you research all available lodging and dining and make any necessary reservations for your party.

Sautee Nacoochee Community Association

One of the best art centers in all of Georgia is Sautee Nacoochee. It sits at the intersection of Nacoochee and Sautee Valleys. This is an excellent stop for those looking to show their children something different, historical, and artistic. In the center of campus grounds is a Folk Pottery Museum, where the story of legendary folk pottery is told.

In addition to pottery history, there are art galleries, African American heritage sites, and another history museum. In the summer, they host a fiber workshop where guests can learn about, work with, and explore the artistic nature of fibers.

Historic Locations

There are several other historical sites to explore. Let’s look at a few! Each spot is a great location for families with learning children and provides something unique to each experience.

Hardman Farm Historic Site

The Hardman Farm home brings a lot of early American history to one unique location. From 1910 to 1920, the land operated as a dairy farm, and many original features remain intact to tell the story to visitors.

Shortly after the dairy farming stopped, the governor at the time resumed residency in the home. Dr. Lamartine Hardman was the governor of Georgia from 1927 to 1931. Much of the house remains in the 19th century to deliver a snapshot of some unique features of life back then.

Dahlonega Gold Museum

Tucked into the northeast pocket of Georgia, you can learn about America’s first gold rush. In the quaint little town of Dahlonega is the Lumpkin County Courthouse, which is the current home of the historic gold museum. The museum tells the story of the first gold rush, includes authentic nuggets of gold, and gives visitors a feel for life in 1836.

Wine Stops

Sometimes, a trip without the kids is necessary. That’s why we included a few adult activities that help you unwind and enjoy the experience. The area used to be best known for corn “likker” (whiskey) and other illegal stills. But now, the soil is home to some of the most decadent vineyards due to its optimal climate.

Here are a few wine stops you can make while in the area.

Yonah Mountain Vineyards

To experience a vineyard’s process and the process of wine, you want to visit Yonah Mountain. A well-rounded, knowledgeable guide and sommelier will take you through the intricacies of wine and elaborate on blends, body, tasting notes, and aroma.

The vineyard features a beautiful outdoor patio to enjoy your wine after a tour and look out at the landscapes. There are also several events hosted here throughout the year.

CeNita Vineyards

Just across the way in Cleveland, you can make another wine stop at CeNita Vineyards. The name is a combination of its originating owners, Cecil and Juanita Crumley. Today, the property is run by the children of Cecil and Juanita.

They also share a piece of Mount Yonah and feature their enchanting farmland landscapes. Also, guests can enjoy some of their well-recognized wines from within the industry.

Outdoor Activities

A vacation or getaway is all about doing as little activity as possible for many. And for others, doing new physical activities and seeking outdoor adventure is the perfect way for them to let loose. Let’s explore a few quick day trips to take outside of north Georgia that include exploration and the great outdoors.

The Ocoee and Nantahala

Something on the more adventurous side of things is a whitewater rafting moment. In 1996, the summer Olympics hosted a whitewater event in the Ocoee and Nantahala Rivers. The waters are known for their challenging rapids and crystalline mountain waters.

Cool River Tubing

Cool River Tubing in Helen offers a lazy but thrilling afternoon. Floating down a river is an easy way to cast your worries and take a few moments to yourself just to breathe. You don’t need to bring anything but a good attitude as they provide you with a tube and handle all drop-offs and pick-ups.

Anna Ruby Falls

Anna Ruby Falls is an excellent location for beginner hikers or those with tiny adventurers. It’s near the Unicoi, north of Helen, and offers easy trails and paths. There are breathtaking falls at the end of the hike that welcome you with open arms and offers a slight reward post-trek. Interestingly, Anna Ruby used to call Hardman Farm her home for a brief stint.

Appalachian Trail

There are beginner hikers and those who take on all terrains regardless of the climb. The Appalachian Trail travels roughly 78 miles throughout Georgia and has various access points for outdoors people. Popular access areas include Hogpen Gap, Unicoi Gap, and Neels Gap, and they offer excellent day hikes and overnight hikes.

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