You spend a lot of energy planning a getaway, regardless of how long you will be there. You pray for decent weather to enjoy the elements around you, but sometimes, rain can roll through and ruin long-anticipated plans. Luckily, the Blue Ridge Mountains offer more than hiking and other outdoor activities, even if it rains.

If you’re getting ready to head this way for vacation and you’re thinking about how to spend a rainy day in North Georgia, we got you covered. Let’s take a closer look!


The museums in northern Georgia are not internationally accredited with world-famous sculptures and art. However, they are critical components in capturing the history and lifestyle of Georgia’s most beloved roots. So, when the rain ruins an afternoon hike, consider it an opportunity to meander an indoor artifact.

Some of these historic sites and offerings play significant roles in American history and offer value to families that travel with grade school-aged children. It’s an excellent way to turn a vacation into a small learning opportunity. Museums and locations to consider include:

  • Folk Pottery Museum
  • Helen Arts and Heritage Center
  • Crawford W. Long Museum
  • The Longstreet Society

Cozy Up in a Cabin

A great way to combat rainy days is to cozy up in a cabin. You should consider booking your getaway in luxury North Georgia vacation rentals. This can ensure you have a nice place to rest and slow down in the event of rain. Each cabin features home-like amenities to provide you with a home away home feeling.

Turn on the fire, get out the board games, and enjoy the safety and stillness of just being. Sometimes the best plans are the ones that ruin your original plans and force you to do nothing. This is also an excellent time to get some quality time in with your significant other or children because life back at home can make it challenging to do this.

Enjoy Some Spirits

There are breweries and vineyards all around with excellent indoor accommodations. If you’re traveling with your family, many places will allow children to come with you. But when traveling alone or with a partner, consider scheduling a tour to make the most of the time.


There are quite a few breweries scattered around to visit, each with its own style and brews.

  • Grumpy Old Men Brewing
  • Fannin Brewing Company
  • The Dahlonega Brewery
  • Tantrum Brewing Company


Don’t mistake a vineyard for outdoor activity. While most grapes and landscapes views require you to be outdoors, much of the enjoyment happens indoors. Many people enjoy the tasting aspects of wineries, but getting a firsthand view of how it comes to be can bring wine full circle and fill time on a rainy day. Here are a few vineyards worth making the trip for:

  • Wolf Mountain Vineyards
  • Kaya Vineyard and Winery
  • Yonah Mountain Vineyards
  • Frogtown Winery

Explore Family Activities

North Georgia is an excellent place for all travelers, whether there are children or not. Some of these indoor activities are more family-friendly than others, but the goal is to have fun and create memories.

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

The scenic railway is a way to be in the elements but protected from the rain, and it is always worth the money. You will begin the journey in downtown Blue Ridge and travel the river and valleys into Copperhill, TN. There is no limit on when to enjoy this ride, the fall offers breathtaking foliage, and the winter brings all things Christmas.

Fannin Lanes Bowling Center

Fannin Lanes is a classic activity. You can bowl at home, but chances are you don’t often go for many reasons. Fannin features 12 classic wooden lanes with a large jukebox to keep the hits coming. They cater to a wide variety of guests, offer concessions and Wi-Fi, and operate seven days a week, including the holidays.

Indoor Water Park

Because you might plan a white-water rafting event that gets washed out, having a backup water activity can save you from disappointing the kids. Bethesda Water Park is in a suburb of Atlanta known as Lawrenceville. So, you may need to drive a bit to reach the destination, but this is truly the spot for rainy day fun. There is a lazy river, massive waterslides, and a kid-friendly water-safe jungle gym.


When you think about how to spend a rainy day in North Georgia, golf more than likely did not come to mind. The catch is that you can still golf indoors. North Georgia offers a lot in terms of connecting with nature, so it isn’t exactly a golf hotspot. But there are two ways you and your family can enjoy indoor golf, including:

  • Monster Mini Golf. Monster mini golf is incredibly fun for the kids. It features a glow-in-the-dark twist and arcade games for all ages. The kids can spend some energy and enjoy hours of entertainment.
  • Topgolf. Alpharetta features a unique Topgolf experience with a totally indoor range. There is yummy food available, so you can feel free to relax and hang around for a while.

Free Indoor Activities

With most outdoor adventuring not requiring you to travel with a lot of disposable income, having to adjust your plans to all indoor activities can weigh on your finances. Luckily, the area has various free indoor things to fill time while it rains.

Babyland General Hospital

Babyland General is an incredibly unique experience. This is the birthplace of the Cabbage Patch Kid in a historic Greek-Southern home. You may self-guide a tour and absorb the sights on your terms. The property features public restrooms, free parking and admission, and party facilities. Additionally, there are events scatted throughout the year, so if you’re in town during an event weekend, pop by and see what is going on.

Artworks Artisan Center

The artisan center, also known as Mountain Regional Arts and Crafts Guild Store, features unique displays and demonstrations from local craftsmen and artists. Admission and parking are free to visitors, and the center offers art classes ranging from painting to needle felting.

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