The northern region of Georgia is home to one of the most picturesque landscapes in the country, the Blue Ridge Mountains. With breathtaking views, an abundance of lush foliage, and a wide variety of animals, this region offers a unique experience. From things that swim to things that fly and everything in between, let’s explore some of nature’s most beloved beings that call this place home.


Many small, common critters such as chipmunks, raccoons, and squirrels call the Blue Ridge Mountains home. They love the foot traffic and the possibility of droppings, so they find the vastness of the range quite fun.

The forest-like landscape also attracts a wilder crowd of mammals—black bears, foxes, and bobcats are relatively common. The rivers and streams attract water-friendly creatures such as geese, ducks, and river otters. Visitors may also encounter hawks, eagles, wild turkeys, and various songbirds while hiking through the foliage.

Where You Can Find Wildlife

If you want to experience an animal sighting, adventuring during the cooler parts of the day is best. Most animals native to the area prefer the cooler temperatures and enjoy the sun’s shifts. Times such as sunrise and sunset are most popular.

Food and water are abundant near the rivers and streams, so these are great locations to spot wildlife just waking for the day or heading to bed for the evening. It’s essential to remember that some animals struggle with commotion and loud noises, so moving calmly is vital if you’re looking to be one with nature.

Plant Life

Plant life is essential to sustaining animal life and creating the beautiful environment of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Trees are abundant, from hickory and maple to oak, and these varieties make up nearly 90 percent of the forestland in the range.

Some areas of the forest house flowering plants such as redbuds, dogwoods, and rhododendrons. And the wildflowers that attract many flying creatures include honeysuckle, jasmine, trillium, and violets. These specific plant species come to full bloom in the spring and summer.

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