So, you love the Blue Ridge Mountains, and you’re preparing to revisit. On your first trip, you enjoyed great hikes, ate delicious local food, and caught your breath from the daily hustle. To help you prepare for a return trip, we created the ultimate bucket list of unique excursions, one-of-a-kind experiences, and all things Blue Ridge. So, grab your adventure crew and pack your bags. You don’t want to miss these memories!

Climbing Sheer Rocks

Rock climbing is about more than physical strength and agility. The ability to overcome the fear of falling while solving a puzzle is a mental game that you must try for yourself to understand. The area has some excellent places to hang from or climb a cliff, your choice.

Cherokee Rock Village is in Alabama and worth the trip through the mountains and forest. The cliffs overlook the beautiful Weiss Lake and are open for climbing, hiking, and gazing.

Cruise a Zip Line

Cruising down a zip line through the beautiful mountain trees can quench your adventurous thirst. Your legs go weightless, and the breeze rushes past your face. There are several opportunities in the area for you to take the family or a group of friends.

A great place to go for children is the Beanstalk Journey in North Carolina. And in Seven Devils, you can experience a taste of winter while you cruise over the snow-tubers at Hawksnest. Zip lining is an excellent way to overcome fears, bond, and create unforgettable memories.

Dare To Leap

There are many thrilling and high-adrenaline activities in the area, but nothing stands up to Lover’s Leap. It’s said that a pair of lovers come here to hold hands, make a wish, and leap together into the afterlife. Of course, you shouldn’t go that far.

If you’re looking to leap with your lover, a few of the best locations to jump include US 58, which sits between Vesta and Stuart, and Natural Tunnel State Park. Natural Tunnel features a beautiful view of the cliffs and trees and is known as the actual Lover’s Leap location.

Take On a Triathlon

While we don’t have dates, the area is well known for its many sports activities and events. The triathlons offered in the area are genuinely one-of-a-kind due to the varied terrains, hills, and mountainous views.

A few of the most common locations for these challenges include Lake Blue Ridge Marina and Smith Mountain Lake State Park. To learn more about events and comfortable accommodations, contact Nevaeh Cabin Rentals or check out our log cabin rentals in Georgia.

Roll in the Grass

Okay, so rolling in the grass may not sound all that fun. But it’s a simple and effective way to let loose, enjoy nature, and have a laugh. It might not require a lot of adrenaline, but you will never forget this experience. There are various wide-open grassy areas in the mountains waiting for you to relish.

A few excellent options are the Dolly Sods Wilderness area which features high plateaus, boulders, and lush grassy meadows. And Roan Mountain offers 1,000 acres of rolling space with views of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Gone Fishing

The Blue Ridge Mountains are home to many great outdoor adventures, but you can’t visit the area without adding fly fishing to your ultimate bucket list. Fly fishing in the area reigns supreme as there are several accommodating locations and a beautiful atmosphere to enjoy. The best places to add to the list include the Toccoa River, Chattooga River, and Jackson River.

Battle It Out With Dang River

Dang River is a treat for those seeking a water thrill, but be warned; the guides may trick you into thinking you’re going to battle it out with the “river of death.” Try not to let this scare you, but ensure you have an experienced guide and a sturdy raft.

There are a few access points for the Dang River, including Nantahala Outdoor Center, which expands into the Ocoee, French Broad, Pigeon, and Chattooga rivers. Another great location is the Big South Fork National River, which is a little farther north. Big South Fork opens into the Cumberland Plateau and features a few rigid waterways known as The Ell and Washing Machine.

Float on the River

There are rough waters to raft and still waters to enjoy. Without a doubt, you should consider river floating a Blue Ridge must-do. The waters in the area feature some of the country’s best kayaking, rafting, and paddle boarding. Check out Shenandoah River, where you can rent a kayak or canoe or enjoy the warmth and stillness of the Tuckasegee River in North Carolina.

Crawl Around a Coal Mine

Coal mines make up some of the country’s most iconic history. It’s tough, dirty labor but also a rewarding industry. The area has some of the best locations to see the mining experience firsthand.

The best place to visit for rugged underground black gold includes Exhibition Mine, which has two locations in Beckley and Pocahontas. There’s also a museum in Pocahontas if you want to stay above ground.

Meander A Cavern

Caverns are a hidden gem that is a must-see for all adventurers. Meander a cavern and play geologist for the day with beautiful caves and caverns full of historic natural formations. Many locations feature narrow pathways and handrails as the terrain can sometimes be uneven. You can also take a guided tour to get an experience full of amazing facts and trivia.

The best places to go underground are Organ Cave, Mammoth Cave National Park, and Appalachian Caverns. These offer unique sights with a chance to see the mountains and ridges in a new way.

Adventure is everywhere, but some of these experiences are unique to the area. Whether you’re bringing the whole family or heading here for an extended weekend, there are many things you can add to the bucket list that offer once-in-a-lifetime memories. Reach out to us today to book your stay and participate in some of these grand adventures!

The Ultimate Blue Ridge Mountains Bucket List

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