The North Georgia area features some of the state’s most impressive and breathtaking waterfalls. There are many sights, so knowing where to go or what to look for can be challenging. We rounded up ten must-visit locations to add to your itinerary.

Before you embark on your adventure, we have a few helpful suggestions to ensure you pack and plan accordingly. Some waterfalls are less accessible and require small hikes, so prepare accordingly with appropriate footwear and clothing. Take enough drinking water, whether in a sports bottle or a backpack. And don’t forget to “leave no trace” to respect the environment, wildlife, and other hikers.

Cherokee Falls

Cherokee Falls is located in Cloudland Canyon State Park and features two excellent waterfalls for visitors. There is a $4 parking fee, and the park is not dog friendly, so this is something to consider before arriving. To make your way to the waterfall, the hike will begin in the parking lot, where you will see a designated access trail.

There is a short descent downhill, about 600 feet, and the first viewing platform is for Hemlock Falls, another relatively popular waterfall. It’s worth it to stop and enjoy, but you’ll have to keep going to access Cherokee Falls. Cherokee Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in all of Georgia, and many people enjoy capturing lifelong memories with engagement, family, or wedding photos.

Anna Ruby Falls

Anna Ruby Falls is the perfect adventure for a day trip, and you can take a furry friend if you feel compelled. It is an easy hike and climb and offers a lot of visitor accommodations. Once you begin the trek inward, you will start to hear the rush of the falls. This will be your indicator that you’re nearing your spot.

There are a few places to stop and enjoy the falls, but the landing spots can get crowded quickly. If you want a less crowded viewpoint, the best time to go is early morning or just before sunset.

Tallulah Falls

Tallulah Gorge Falls is easily one of Georgia’s most epic locations. The state park features a suspension bridge, cascading waterfalls, a gorge, canyons, and much more. This is a must-visit location for anyone seeking outdoor adventure in the North Georgia area.

There is a $4 parking fee, but for $4, you are in for a lifetime of memories. The visitor’s center is a great starting point because it features some of the histories behind the falls and highlights unique wildlife in the area. Don’t forget to grab a swimming permit at the visitor’s center. These are first come, first serve, and they run out fast.

Toccoa Falls

Toccoa Falls should go on everyone’s bucket list. The views and landing pads are so breathtaking that many choose to have their photos done here for life’s big moments. It’s only a two-dollar entry fee for adults, and a gift shop is available near the end of the trail. The falls feature large boulders and a cascading waterfall you won’t forget. It is generally heavily populated so consider going early if you want unobstructed views.

Minnehaha Falls

For a small hike and beautiful views, add Minnehaha Falls to your list of must-visit waterfalls in North Georgia. This destination is relatively close to Panther Creek, so you can actually visit two in one with this on your itinerary. Minnehaha is primarily uphill, so factor in whether you have pets or children. There is no entry fee, and the trek is on the easy side at less than half a mile roundtrip.

Helton Creek Falls

There are a few waterfalls to enjoy at Helton Creek. The first is only a short trek on the trail, but the second is a larger rush of water with a viewing deck. Make sure you pack swim gear for Helton Creek because the water is inviting and enjoyable.

You will have difficulty resisting the urge to jump into the crisp, blue water. The trek is only a third of a mile roundtrip and easy on the feet for children and pets. It’s worth noting that the drive to Helton Creek is rocky and uneven, so take things slow to avoid vehicle issues.

Blue Hole and High Shoals Falls

Near Helen, Georgia, you can access Blue Hole and High Shoals Falls. These are two breathtaking waterfalls that allow swimming access and camping nearby. These are great spots for those seeking a fully outdoor experience. They are free to access and feature only moderately tough treks. With the campsite access, it’s best to pack your bags and take your time enjoying the area.

Lula Lake Land Trust

Lula Lake Land Trust is a unique experience because it is on private property, and reservations are required. With that in mind, it is well worth the planning and $15 entry fee. It is an easy to moderate hike with a small bridge to access the waterfall. One of the most popular reasons people love this location is because you can get right up under the rushing waterfall and wash your worries away.

Amicalola Falls

For a chance to experience the tallest waterfall in Georgia, head to Amicalola Falls. There is a $4 parking fee, and it is not recommended to bring furry friends. The falls feature a rushing cascade that reaches 729 feet long, drops into a small plot of bedrock, and turns into a creek.

There are many hiking trails surrounding Amicalola, so if you’re looking for an all-day adventure with a waterfall feature, this is the place for you. Nearby, you can find the Appalachian Trail.

Panther Creek

Panther Creek is a must-visit waterfall because it is free to access. It starts near the side of the road, so many people like to stop and head down the trail. Because it is free and easy to access, it can get busy.

There are a lot of markings along the trail, so it’s easy to follow and find the water. Intend to spend the day doing this adventure because it can take up to four hours to head down and back up, and longer if you stop to swim. It’s essential to note that safety is a factor whenever you stop and swim because the current is unpredictable and strong.

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10 Must Visit Waterfalls in North Georgia

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