Once your rental cabin is ready for guests, there will come a time when you need to decide if you will allow pets or not. Eventually, you will run across a reservation where the guests request to bring their beloved pet, so it’s beneficial to nail down these guidelines straight away.

In this article, we help you curate a pet-friendly rental cabin and provide insight on how to make this happen. If you feel stressed about the process, don’t worry; it’s easier than you think. And remember, the more accommodating your rental is, the better your business will perform.

Take the Necessary Precautions

Allowing animals means you should take the necessary precautions before their arrival. For many, an easy action you can take before the arrival of a pet is requesting a non-refundable deposit. You can use this deposit later should the rental cabin experience any minor breaks or damages.

In addition to an upfront non-refundable deposit, outline your pet policies in the booking form to ensure that your guests know the guidelines before arrival. If they feel they can’t abide by the rules, they may look elsewhere, but generally, these will protect you and them from snafus during their stay.

Set Clear Expectations and Boundaries

It’s critical to be clear about your expectations and boundaries. If you don’t want dogs on the furniture, cats on the carpet, or pet food on your good china, make all of this known in the contract. You can also create a bulleted list of expectations, laminate it, and put it on a cabinet so that your guests can read the rules during their stay. It’s easy for visitors to read the contract, get busy vacationing, and let the rules slip their minds. You can eliminate mid-stay confusion by covering all your bases.

If you find that you enjoy having a pet-friendly rental but your cabin can’t accommodate it, you can perform some minor upgrades and renovations to create a space for pets and cut down on the damages. Generally, you should avoid carpets in your pet-friendly rental cabin. But things like parameter fencing, easy-clean flooring, and gates can help the guests and their pets have an easier time following your boundaries.

Pet Proof the Rental Cabin

Many people consider pet-proofing a rental cabin while they design the layout and add the finishing touches. But sometimes, pet-proofing comes after accepting pets a few times and realizing what does and doesn’t work.

Always consider every aspect of the cabin, flooring, furniture, exterior amenities, decorations, and accent pieces. If you’re worried about a tail whipping a vintage lamp off the end table, it might be best to consider swapping it for a less expensive item.

A few other things to consider when focusing on pet-proofing include:

  • Flooring detail
  • Furniture fabrics
  • Furniture covers
  • Linen color choices
  • Entryway accommodations for wet paws
  • Cabinet locks for securely storing high ticket items
  • Providing cleaners for the guests to clean up accidents
  • Designating and properly labeling pet-safe spaces

Accommodate Their Outdoor Needs

One of the best ways to create a pet-friendly rental cabin is to accommodate the exterior of the cabin. This includes a fence, play area, or any other outdoor offerings your property can sustain. While many of these things may come at a price, the investment is well worth your while after you factor in the number of guests you can take on with your pet-friendly space.

Travelers love taking their dogs on vacation because it’s easier than finding a pet sitter or paying for boarding at a kennel. Many pet owners would rather travel with their pets and let them explore the new area than shell out the funds to leave the animals behind. If you can advertise that your cabin is suitable for a pet, you will find that your rental profits will soar.

Another way to accommodate them is to provide ample support for their pet. What does this mean? If you take the time to create a bulleted list of rules for the cabin, go ahead and create a pet-friendly guide on places they can take their four-legged friends. Nearby parks, restaurants that accept pets, stores that allow leashed pets, a litter box, or pee pads can all make guests more comfortable and give their furry companions something to look forward to.

Keep a Stash of Pet Treats

If your guests are taking the time to align themselves with a pet-friendly rental cabin, it’s pretty safe to assume their pet means a lot to them. Consider having a stash of pet treats at their disposal to show compassion and score a positive review.

Sometimes these small acts can go a long way with guests. It might feel like you don’t need to go this extra mile after having accommodated the space to their pet and providing any other extras, like pee pads or an outdoor play area. But a treat for your guest’s pet will make it feel welcome, special, and loved.

Earn Big With Loyal Customers by Being Pet Friendly

Accepting non-pet guests is one thing, but creating a pet-friendly rental cabin will open a new market for your business and allow you to take on a guest of any accommodation. With many travelers now looking to skip the kennel process altogether, you can earn big by being a safe space for guests to bring their pets. This is the fastest way to increase retention and a loyal customer base.

When the guests check out, there is a chance they will share their experience with other pet people, and word of mouth goes a long way with travel and staying arrangements. Welcoming pets into your vacation rental is one of the best ways to remain at the top of the search engine and keep the bookings scheduled. However, try to block out enough time between each guest to ensure adequate cleaning.

When you work with our property management company in Georgia, you can rest assured that your rental cabin will be ready for all your guests and furry friends. We meet your needs wherever you are and ensure the property can readily welcome pets. Contact Nevaeh Cabin Rentals today to learn more about our property management features.

How To Keep Your Rental Cabin Pet Friendly

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