Every year, Halloween enthusiasts travel near and far in search of the spookiest, most iconic spots to fill their buckets with thrill, fear, and fright. Here in North Georgia, there are many places worth visiting that can help you achieve this goal and leave you ready for more. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to visit in North Georgia this Halloween for those in a spooky mood!

Lake Lanier

You’re probably wondering why you would need to visit a lake to enjoy spooky season. Well, Lake Lanier is known as the deadliest lake in the country.

Depending on where you stand with ghosts and ghouls, you may get to experience a chill or two while visiting the lakeside. Since 1990, over 200 people have died at the lake. And since the lake’s creation in 1956, that number has jumped to more than 700. To say the lake is haunted would be an understatement.

Windsor Hotel

Nestled into the small town of Americus is the Windsor Hotel, built in 1892. This Victorian-style home and hotel is the location where a mother and daughter were thrown down the elevator shaft to their death. It is believed that their ghosts remain at the property, and guests have reported hearing screams in the hallways that mimicked that of a small girl.

Moon River Brewing

Moon River Brewing is a relatively popular attraction, regardless of its spooks and thrills. This unique brewing company now resides in what used to be Savannah’s most haunted hotel, The City Hotel. The original location was a Civil War hospital, which also served as a medical center for those with Yellow Fever. In 1832, a drunken troublemaker was shot by Dr. Minus, and to this day, employees and guests of Moon River Brewing claim his presence lingers as he continues to thrive as a common bar nuisance.

Oakland Cemetery

A must-visit on your spooky tour in North Georgia is the Oakland Cemetery. This is the home of the city’s largest and oldest burial grounds, and resting here are roughly 70,000 people, where 3,000 or more were soldiers who died in gory battles.

The reports from those that visit claim they have seen soldiers hanging out by the trees or simply wandering the cemetery grounds. Many of those who have experienced some of the most traumatic deaths in North Georgia have been laid to rest in the Oakland Cemetery, making this one of the spookiest places to visit this Halloween.

Ellis Hotel

The Ellis Hotel is home to one of the most haunted hotel sites in Georgia. Located in Atlanta, the Ellis Hotel was formerly the site of the deadliest fire of its kind. Guests and visitors alike report hearing screams, lingering smoke smells, and ghostlike figures appearing in windowpanes. Other reports claim guests can hear the fire alarm sounding around the same time as the fire alarm from the 1946 disaster.

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