One of the most exciting things about Blue Ridge, GA, and the surrounding area is watching the leaves turn into vibrant orange, yellow, and red hues. It’s a thrill to experience, but finding the best place to gaze can be tricky with so many locations to visit. We rounded up the five most amazing spots near Blue Ridge to witness the trees enter their fall foliage era. Let’s go!

Vogel State Park

Vogel State Park makes the list due to its historical roots in Georgia. Vogel was one of the first parks to make a home for itself in Georgia and features rich Depression-era history with immaculate views.

The park sits at the bottom of Blood Mountain near one of the highest peaks, Brasstown Bald. Many fall hikers enjoy Vogel State Park for the expansive foliage views and interactive history at the Civilian Conversation Corp Museum.

Looking Glass Rock Overlook

Looking Glass Rock Overlook is a treat, regardless of whether you prefer to hike the route or be still and take it all in. No matter which direction you look, you’ll receive a prime view of the fall foliage that runs deep through the mountains. The hike to the top of the overlook is for more experienced climbers, but the views are worth it for those who attempt it.

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway is a must-do experience regardless of the season. Ridingt the railway is truly one of the most amazing ways to enjoy the fall foliage and get the whole family to soak in the sights and sounds of Blue Ridge. The train takes you through a four-hour-long ride along the Toccoa River and provides beautiful views of crisp fall foliage, relaxation, and an open-air adventure.

Grandfather Mountain

The Blue Ridge Mountains stretch across various states along the East Coast, and some of the best views are just outside of Blue Ridge. In Linville, North Carolina, you can visit Grandfather Mountain, with lush fall foliage and hues only Grandfather Mountain can create.

The rusty reds and browns, warm oranges and yellows, and deep purples are the perfect way to welcome fall and seasonal change. There is a lot of diversity in plant life here.

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell delivers an immersive 360-degree view of the fall foliage. Various hiking trails are available to find the perfect view, so ensure you pack appropriate footwear and plenty of water.

There’s also a paved road for those not looking to hike the more rustic routes, so this is an ideal way to get smaller children in on the views. At the end of the paved road is an observation deck that offers views of a landscape as far as 100 miles in any direction.

Understandably, enjoying the views and living in them are two different experiences. You can call Blue Ridge home with our custom cabin builders in Georgia. Reach out to us here at Nevaeh Cabin Rentals to learn more about the ways you can enjoy the fall foliage, whether on vacation or during a long-term stay. We look forward to showing you all there is to offer in our picturesque mountains!

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