Taking a family vacation is an exciting but sometimes stressful undertaking. Usually, there is one parent planning and stressing, and another packing the car and waiting for the cue to go. No matter how you cut the pie, figuring out something the kids will enjoy is critical and necessary to keep them engaged, fulfilled, and overall easygoing while on a family getaway. In this article, we help you explore kid-friendly and approved activities in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Let’s go!

Tube the Toccoa River

The Blue Ridge area offers a lot of physical and outdoor adventure for those seeking thrilling experiences for children to enjoy. The Toccoa River provides a lot of fun water play with the ability to book experiences. Toccoa Wilderness Tubing is one of those unique opportunities, and your children will likely never forget this memory.

The greenery, water, and distant mountain views make this location ideal for those who aren’t used to this type of outdoor environment. Children must be four years of age or older, so factor this into your plans if this is on your horizon. Toccoa Wilderness also offers various styles of tubes to ensure safety and overall inclusivity, and that’s why this is an excellent choice for the kids in your family.

Sunburst Stable Horseback Rides

Horseback riding for families who don’t typically have access to horses is a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Children especially benefit from this type of activity if they struggle with sensory processing or anxiety. Horses have a really powerful way of being a calm source of innate companionship. They offer children the ability to connect, slow their minds, and ground themselves in the present moment.

Take the family to Sunburst Stables, where riders of almost all ages can participate. Children ages three to six will need to sit in a specific child safety seat positioned behind a safely seated adult, but the stable provides this accommodation. Children seven and older can hop on the designated trails and experience the horse in motion with a guided equestrian.

Along the trail, riders can expect to encounter a designated camp area where the family can enjoy various other activities such as fishing, animal feeds, ax throwing, and snacks. Consider spending the entire afternoon or day at Sunburst Stables so everyone can move at their pace and enjoy all there is to offer.

Lake Blue Ridge Kayaking Experiences

Tubing is only one water activity, and while it’s fun, it isn’t for everyone, and it’s not always age-appropriate. If you want to enjoy the water but struggle with getting the kids to get in, consider heading to Lake Blue Ridge Marina and renting kayaks. This may suit older children best. The waters at Lake Blue Ridge are clean, clear, and breathtaking.

Cruising along the top with minimal effort is a nice way to enjoy the surroundings and take in the fresh air. Depending on the age of your children, the shallow area serves as an excellent place to swim, and as the water is clear and clean, it tends to be more enticing for those picky swimmers. A perk of kayaking at Lake Blue Ridge is the ability to take your four-legged companion, so if the family dog joins your vacation, go ahead and take them along for this adventure.

Endless Hiking Adventures

An easy way to enjoy all the sights, sounds, and smells of Blue Ridge is to hit the trails. Luckily, the area is home to some of the country’s most appealing and adventurous hiking trails. Children of all ages can go on this experience, and there is a lot to see and learn along the way. If you remember to snag a few images on your trek, you will have something to look back on when the kids are older and can better appreciate what hiking is all about.

Consider packing all the staples so you can accommodate all your needs along the way. Things like wearable water packs, snacks, an additional change of clothes, and sunscreen will help make the hiking adventures a little easier to navigate. Some of the best spots to visit include Falls Branch Falls, Toccoa River Swinging Bridge, Mount Mitchell, and Long Creek Falls, to name a few.

Tackle the Iconic Downtown Area

Depending on how long you intend to spend in the Blue Ridge area, you can’t miss an opportunity to visit the iconic downtown area. This will give your kids a breather from physical activities and a chance to see life in this quaint and cozy location.

The downtown area features unique shops, delicious one-of-a-kind places to eat, ice cream, souvenirs, and much more. Many prefer to visit the downtown area on one of the final days of the getaway to capture a photo at the Blue Ridge mural and reflect on their time in this beautiful destination.

Ride the Georgia Mountain Coaster

The Georgia Mountain Coaster is just a short drive away in Helen, Georgia. If your kids aren’t fans of thrill-seeking and roller coasters, you don’t have to plan this for your trip. But for those who enjoy a day trip, consider the drive into Helen to check out the coaster and unique German-inspired town.

Catching this spot at the right time of day is ideal because the town fills up with visitors relatively quickly and can feel overwhelming in no time. A day at Sunburst Stables would be perfect for an additional stop in Helen, as the two are in close proximity.

Don’t Forget Your Cabin Stay

The place you decide for the family to rest each night of your vacation is an essential part of how well you relax and recover in between a busy schedule and can ultimately make or break the experience. With the surrounding area being all about enjoying nature and picturesque landscapes, the most popular option is getting a mountain cabin rental in Blue Ridge, Georgia. These cabins come with home-like amenities to ensure every family member can settle with ease and comfort.

To learn more about staying accommodations and ideal activities for kids in the Blue Ridge area, contact Nevaeh Cabin Rentals today.

7 Activities for Kids in Blue Ridge, Georgia

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