All aboard! One of the most popular tourist stops in Blue Ridge is the infamous Scenic Railway. This historic landmark attracts guests of all ages every year to the town. Before you head to the depot for departure, use this quick guide to the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway to understand a few key details.

Reserve Your Seats in Advance

The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway is known for selling out weeks in advance. There is a fixed number of seats and cars, so once the tickets sell, that’s it. It’s not recommended to arrive on the day of and purchase tickets, as the chances of the train being sold out are incredibly high.

When you know you’re coming to Blue Ridge and wish to ride the train, make your reservations for the appropriate number of tickets to ensure everyone can ride. The railway does offer group rates and will book a whole car in advance, depending on your party count.

Arrive Early To Be on Time

You want to arrive early to ensure you’re on time for the train’s departure. There will be a large number of passengers, and you need to account for parking, ticketing, and seating.

The Scenic Railway highly encourages all passengers to arrive up to 45 minutes early to ensure enough time and space to accommodate themselves and pick up their tickets. Arriving a few minutes before departure could put you at risk of missing the train altogether.

ADA Compliance

Those needing ADA compliance accommodations can participate in The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. Car 405 is ADA-compliant, with an open-air setup and lift access. There is also a handicap-accessible bathroom onboard this car. When you make a ride reservation, contact the train ticket office to reserve a space on car 405 to ensure you have access to the appropriate space.

Snacks, Drinks, and Extras

A concession car accepts cash and card payments. Outside snacks and drinks are allowed for those who wish to bring a cooler.

The cooler must be no larger than the size of a passenger seat, and alcohol is not permitted on the train. Hot or cold beverages, candy, and light snacks are sold at the concession; outside provisions are allowed on the train through the cooler or a personal bag.

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