Blue Ridge is a quaint spot riddled with history, events, and social gatherings. Once visitors get past the breathtaking mountain views, there is never a dull moment with all the activities. We’ll explore five spring festivals you must check out in Blue Ridge, GA when you’re in town.

Blue Ridge Trout Fest

Fishing in Blue Ridge and the surrounding area offers enthusiasts, experts, and travelers a one-of-a-kind experience. The mountain views, lush green forests, and cascading waters bring superior fishing yields to the area.

The Blue Ridge Trout Fest is an opportunity for all to participate in unique trout-based entertainment, network with businesses, learn about the great outdoors, and enjoy wonderful foods. Trout Fest runs the last weekend in April and takes place in beautiful downtown Blue Ridge.

Arts in the Park

Arts in the Park comes around once in the spring and once in the fall, so there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this collective gathering. American Craft Week awarded the festival one of America’s top 10 craft fairs, making it a must-visit if you’re in the area.

The festival occurs in the Blue Ridge City Park every Memorial Day Weekend and honors over 170 vendors and artists with displays, live entertainment, art sales, and traditional festival eats.

Blue Ridge Wine and Jazz Festival

The Wine and Jazz Festival is a great way to enter the Blue Ridge scene. The mountain views, musical entertainment, and delicious wining and dining make this festival popular for guests and locals.

The Wine and Jazz Festival takes place outside the downtown area at White Path Creek Farms, offering guests a chance to experience all the area has to offer. This festival runs on June 24 and offers on-site parking.

Old Farmer’s Market Craft Fair

The Old Farmer’s Market Craft Fair also occurs twice throughout the year, with April being the kick-off for spring festivals worth checking out in Blue Ridge, GA. The fair is in the Old State Farmer’s Market location and offers an excellent selection of locally crafted and handmade goods and fare.

Suppose you’re a tourist looking for something to participate in. In that case, the Farmer’s Market is an excellent opportunity to learn about Blue Ridge culture and what makes this small but delightful place a desirable destination.

Ride the Rails Festival

Ride the Rails Festival is a unique spin on collective gatherings, featuring a two-and-a-half-mile train ride via motor car across the Iron Bridge and over the Toccoa River. When riders exit the motor car, they enter a festival full of traditional foods, vendors, and live entertainment for socializing and fun. This festival also occurs twice, in April and September, offering more than one chance to participate in the excitement.

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