The Blue Ridge Mountains are superb at pulling you in with their inviting allure and lush green forest. The woods, wildlife, and enchanting views make this iconic destination one of the best for hiking and trailblazing. We compiled a few of Georgia’s top hiking trails so your next Blue Ridge Mountain getaway is everything you need and more.

Swinging Bridge Trail Near Benton MacKaye

The Swinging Bridge Trail is a unique sight when visited during the summer months. Taking its name after the iconic swinging bridge built in 1977, the Swinging Bridge Trail features lush moss, bright florals and foliage, and clusters of mushrooms.

You’ll know you’re near the Toccoa River when you see the mushrooms. This trail is a seven-mile roundtrip trek, or less if you prefer. There is access to the infamous bridge, but you’ll need to go the distance with the trail.

The Loop at Lake Blue Ridge

Lake Blue Ridge features miles and miles of beautiful shoreline. But you cannot conquer the 65-plus miles of shoreline in a single hike. Consider heading to the Loop at Lake Blue Ridge for the day and using the beaches to recover and experience a glimpse of all the lake has to offer.

The Loop is less than a mile roundtrip and features almost no inclines, making it an excellent option for various experience levels and ages. This hike is also perfect for planning a picnic, spending the day near the water, or grabbing your favorite cocktails from a local bar and grill.

Long Creek Falls Near Three Forks

Long Creek Falls offers a quick and simple hike for almost all hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. This there-and-back trail type is an easy two-miles, with peaks at the Three Forks wilderness area. Three Forks is nothing short of breathtaking, with tulips, rhododendrons, and lush hemlock.

Use proper precautions as you climb the terrain variations and enjoy the different resting spots along the way. Each spot features a new view and sound from mountains, wildlife, and rumbling water.

Springer Mountain Trails

The Blue Ridge Mountains and the southernmost location along the Appalachian Trail bring you Springer Mountain Trails. This trail is at the top of Georgia’s hiking trails list and features some of the Blue Ridge Mountain’s most sought-after landscapes.

Beginning at the parking lot and traveling along the trail, you can expect wildflowers, various hardwoods, and uniquely positioned rock outcroppings to greet and surround you. The combination of lush forests and rolling rocks makes Springer Trails one of the most iconic locations to take a hike.

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