Summertime in North Georgia is full of outdoor adventure and enthusiasm, with alluring lush trails and superior weather. Filling your itinerary with local favorites, delicious food, handcrafted art, and rich history is easy when visiting the Blue Ridge area. But finding a unique spot to take a swim and cool off can also fill your Georgia cup. We took the time to explore eight refreshing and inviting swimming holes in North Georgia that you should check out, so you have an idea of where to go when you’re ready to cool off. Let’s go!

Denton Branch Falls

Denton Branch Falls conveniently sits near the North Carolina and Georgia state lines in Tate City. Here, travelers can expect to experience a lovely hike full of wooded foliage and forest sounds, with a pit stop to the cascading waters.

Denton Branch offers a wading creek and a small pool for your choosing. But because the area is wooded, shady, and hike friendly, you’ll want to consider visiting this swimming hole on the warmest days. On the drive to Denton Branch, you’ll come across many cascading falls, making it appear like you’ve arrived. These falls share water with the Tallulah River, creating one of the state’s most picturesque drives.

High Shoals Falls

Located in Dallas, Georgia—not to be confused with Dallas, Texas—is High Shoals Falls. This location requires a short walk from the parking lot to the actual swimming hole and offers visitors cascading falls, a refreshing hole, and a fun creek to explore. What’s fun about the creek is you can climb, sit, or play to your heart’s desire.

You may run into an old graveyard when you arrive at the location site. Don’t be alarmed. Follow the trail near the headstones about a quarter of a mile, and you’ll begin hearing the water. The waterfall has an estimated vertical of 300 feet. Though the area is more water-friendly and less hiker-friendly, you may enjoy exploring the area while there.

Panther Creek Falls

Panther Creek Falls is a truly unique gem as it requires a bit of a hike before the expansive shoreline and swimming hole. After parking, you’ll need to walk about three and a half miles before discovering the beauty of the falls.

This location sits inside Panther Creek Recreation Area, and it’s typically best to consider an overnight visit to avoid missing out or cutting your experience short. Panther Creek is one of the state’s most popular swimming holes, so plan and prepare diligently before you visit.

Gober Beach

Gober Beach is expansive and gorgeous, offering visitors space to relax or play. Gober requires a little back-road ride through Canton and Ballground before you find the parking lot and reach your destination. This beach shares the Etowah River and is an excellent location for kayakers and canoers. With ample parking and a beautiful water stream, this is an ideal location for the whole family—everyone can enjoy the experience. You can expect waist-deep pools, streams, and rocky beaches for a full day of fun.

The back-road ride is a little different. So, it’s best to follow I-575 to Airport Road and go south. Take GA-5 from there and make your way to East Cherokee Drive. East Cherokee will take you down to the river, and the kayak-canoe launch pad area is just before the bridge on the left.

Sweetwater Creek State Park

A little south of Blue Ridge but relatively close to Atlanta is the delightful treat of Sweetwater Creek State Park. This spot is one of the most refreshing swimming holes in North Georgia, worth checking out as it’s a hot spot for all things summer and adventure. There is a 215-acre reservoir perfect for fishing, in addition to the park’s rental services, from boats and kayaks to canoes and pedal boats, and much more.

The state park makes for an excellent weekend in the wilderness, and many visitors consider arriving in an RV to ensure they make the most of their time. The park features a refreshing and expansive swimming hole, campgrounds, fishing docks, a visitor’s center, a museum and gift shop, event rooms, yurts, and more. Sweetwater is a true summertime vision!

Amicalola River Trail

Amicalola River Trail, or the Edge of the World Trail, is a true gem in Georgia, worthy of everyone’s bucket list. Take Highway 53 north to the east side of the river and find a place to park. After parking and gathering your things, the trail will lead you to the river where you’ll find rushing whitewater and lush wooded trails.

The state’s invested time and energy into pressure treating the trails so they’ll meet all visitors’ physical needs along the way, though more work could be done. Once you reach the river at the base of the treated trail, you’ll find Lower Amicalola. Here you can fish, swim, and enjoy the swimming hole.

Watson Mill Bridge State Park

Watson Mill Bridge State Park is better known for its slides and not necessarily for swimming. However, because it’s an incredibly fun experience for all visitors, it’s worth knowing about. This location is ideal for families with kids as they can spend the whole day sliding down the slippery rocks into the swimming hole. The rushing waters sweep you away, but the pool is shallow enough to be safe regardless of your swimming talents.

Dicks Creek Falls

Dicks Creek Falls, or Falls on Water Creek, is a great little secluded spot. However, it’s essential to note that a visit here will cost you your cell service as it’s quite a bit away from any residential or commercial structure.

Plan your trip to Dicks Creek wisely with snacks, water, a first aid kit, and an adventurous spirit. Here, you can play at the top or the bottom of the falls, as long as you’re careful. The area is scenic with lush forestry and riverbanks, so it’s well worth the lack of cell service.

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8 Refreshing Swimming Holes in North Georgia To Check Out

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