Maintaining a rental property can be a daunting task, especially when you own multiple properties and have a revolving door of guests. With the right plan, some hard work, and a property management crew, you can keep your tenants safe and happy while increasing the value of your property. At Nevaeh Cabin Rentals, we value the properties we manage and look forward to adding more to our portfolio. We’ve prepared this ultimate guide to maintaining your rental property to make these tasks a little easier on you and us. Let’s go!

Set Appropriate Expectations for Tenants

It’s important to establish clear expectations for tenants at the beginning of your rental agreement. A property management team can also help you establish these boundaries and expectations.

Regardless of the length of the rental agreement, you and the tenant(s) must be aware of your rights and responsibilities. This includes setting guidelines for noise levels, pet fees, and acceptable maintenance requests. Make sure you communicate these expectations clearly so your tenants understand what is expected of them during their stay. If you have additional property amenities, such as an outdoor grill, hot tub, or gazebo, include usage expectations for these items as well.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

After setting expectations for tenants, it’s time to create a maintenance schedule that will help you keep your rental property in good condition. Regularly inspecting the premises is essential for ensuring a safe living environment for tenants and protecting the value of your property.

Here are a few basic tasks you should perform:

  • Inspecting the exterior of your rental property
  • Checking the plumbing and electrical systems
  • Cleaning carpets and other types of flooring
  • Removing waste from garbage bins
  • Inspecting for signs of pest infestations
  • Looking at bedding and appliances for signs of aging or damage

Accidents can happen, and sometimes tenants don’t know how to address them. Some examples include loose stove knobs, a wobbly fridge, a running toilet, or loose switch plates. By performing regular inspections and fixing issues you come across, your rental property will be in great shape for tenants, even if they don’t notice the little things.

Stay on Top of Repairs

Once you’ve completed your maintenance tasks, you can open your property to renters! Let your tenants know that you’re available to help if they experience any problems during their stay. Keep an eye out for any signs of wear and tear, such as faulty wiring or broken appliances, and add them to your maintenance schedule. If your tenants contact you asking about repairs, respond quickly and fix the issue promptly. In doing so, you keep your tenants happy, build trust with them, and keep your rental property in good condition.

If you’re too far from the property and a renter submits a maintenance request, your property management firm can assess the request and begin the appropriate follow-up procedures outlined in your agreement.

Manage Lease Renewals

Rental property owners must stay on top of lease renewals in order to adjust rent prices as needed. Establishing a timeline for renewing your tenants’ leases can ensure rental rates are up-to-date and competitive in the market.

Lease renewals create an opportunity to update maintenance or repair agreements, such as adding restrictions or giving tenants more freedom. These terms may serve long-term rentals best. Still, you can benefit from adjusting lease agreements on short-term stays to remain on top of your property’s needs.

Handle Complaints Quickly

No matter how well you maintain your rental property, there may be times when tenants have complaints or concerns. In these instances, it’s important to respond quickly and find solutions that are satisfactory for both parties. This means addressing problems in a timely manner and communicating openly about the details of an issue.

Taking this extra step will show your tenants you are invested in providing a safe living environment. Another benefit of a property management partnership is having someone on-site to address complaints in a timely manner. It’s not always convenient to address significant issues if you’re renting the space from a distance. Fortunately, the management crew can resolve situations without worry on your end.

Utilize Technology To Streamline Tasks

Technology can help you simplify the process of maintaining your rental properties. For example, you can use cloud-based property management software to manage tenant information, handle rent payments, and track maintenance requests. This software can save you time and effort while helping you provide better service for your tenants.

If a property management team oversees your tasks, they will use the most suitable system for their demands. Ask them about their task management system while vetting the partnership to understand the compatibility.

Provide Resources to Tenants

As a rental property owner, you should provide tenants with the necessary resources for enjoying their stay. This could include information on local dining, health and wellness, or family attractions.

Consider providing local services and amenities if the rental agreement is long-term so the tenant(s) feel comfortable in the community. Doing so will show your tenants that you care about their needs and want to provide a comfortable living environment, whether it’s for the weekend, the month, or longer.

Invest in Property Management

Investing in property management can make or break your ability to serve your renters. The management crew has on-demand access to your space and can fill in the gaps when you’re absent or assisting other renters. Help from a property management team lets you co-manage your property from a distance without needing to be physically present.

Maintaining rental properties is important for the success of property owners, but it can feel overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. By following this ultimate guide to maintaining your rental property, you can ensure that your cabin remains in good condition. With the right plan and team to execute it, you can secure the value of your investment and relish the perks of ownership.

Nevaeh Cabin Rentals is your go-to rental property management in Georgia for luxury cabins and cabin builds. Partner with us today to set your property on the right path!

The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Rental Property

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