If you’re planning a family getaway, consider Blue Ridge, Georgia, for all its amazing sights and spectacular family activities. You’ll find no shortage of fun events and places to visit on your trip. There are plenty of outdoor activities to try. Here are five kid-friendly fall activities in Blue Ridge to consider the next time you go on a family vacation.

Waterfall Hike

Few places match the beauty of a waterfall tucked away in Blue Ridge’s woods and mountains. In fact, the waterfalls are so special you can plan entire hiking trips around seeing them. You can also find plenty of guided tours or hiking groups traveling areas that have waterfalls.

Whitewater Rafting

Countless whitewater rafting areas surround Blue Ridge. There are difficult ones for people with experience and also beginner areas for people who’ve never done it before. You can find a rafting experience for the whole family to enjoy.

Scenic Railway

A special attraction in Blue Ridge is the Scenic Railway. It’s an open-top train you can ride to see the beautiful outskirts of the area. Different special events are hosted all year round; choose one to go on during your trip to make it even more special.

Mercier Orchards

The Mercier Orchards is famous for their spectacular fruit-picking events. It’s a farm-to-table event. This means you get to eat the food you pick! It’s a super fun activity for the whole family and a glimpse into what owning an orchard is like.

Cabin Rentals

The Blue Ridge area has a lot of cabins. A normal vacation day ends with a return to a hotel room, but Blue Ridge log cabin rentals keep the trip special since you can return to an amazing cabin instead! They blend nature and comfort together, making it great for kids and parents alike.

This article covers a mere five kid-friendly fall activities in Blue Ridge, but there are plenty more all across the area. If you choose Blue Ridge as your vacation spot, you won’t need to worry about the kids getting bored any time soon!

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